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Thanks Addict regarding pink thing..out it comes.


Lead F you should get that sunflower/bee pic enlarged and framed- it's stunning.

In fact - don't they do a competition on Country File for their calendar later in the year? I'd enter that if it was mine.

Sums up summer doesn't it? 

John Harding

Hi Fg,

Have spent a fair amount of time relaxing this week under the parasol on the patio with the odd glass of the 'amber liquid'. OH has picked 4 lbs of black currents and made about 16 jars of black current jam. We've been picking courgettes like there's no tomorrow, dwarf french beans ad blanching/freezing them (+ having them to eat now for two days). Tomatoes are just beginning to turn red (1st one today). It is a 'red alert' variety (I note yours was Red Alert that you picked over a week ago). Also picked a few white turnips about the size of a golf ball and made some Potato & Turnip patties with Creme Fraiche & fresh herbs from the garden. A bit different from 'Neeps & Tatties' but you can't get the Haggis down this way as they run too fast and not even a greyhound can bring them down 

John Harding

Hi Mrs G,

We've never had a Castor Oil Plant before but yes, the flower is Red on the one we have though I'm not sure whether the red at the top of the plant is the flower or a fresh bract of leaves. OH says it's the latter (she's usually right) but having seen the friend who gave it to us this evening he says this variety does have bronze leaves and red flowers. He did tell me the name of it but by the time we arrived back home it had gone completely out of my mind (happens all the time when you get to 68 I notice!)


The plant to the right of the Castor Oil is an evergreen Clematis which has an abundance of small white flowers when it blooms. The flowers are over now but the idea is to keep a bit of colour there all year round. The Dr Ruppel Clematis [which is just to the left of the Castor Oil Plant] is just starting another set of flowers we noted today, the main flush of them finished a few weeks ago but there are some new buds coming.

Hi little ann ,I planted 8 chitted seeds.John and lead farmer what lovely flowers.the  beds look so lush.



Garden is getting past it's best as there are plants to cut down and it's getting blousy. Bindweed has been doing very well! But there are still beds in flower.

 and pots

 and the annual end of my newest bed which is planted with the plants that didn't sell at my charity garden party plant sale.

 and the shady end of same newest bed has filled out.



Some fantastic pictures there folks.  I'm growing heleniums for first time this year. It was always the foliage that put me off before.  I love them.  Mind you they are positioned so that foliage will be obscured in 4 weeks or so. (Aster frikartii monch is now about to flower in front of moreheim beauty )

 One combination that looks good for me is pink penstemons with geranium jolly bee. (sorry but I think it is different to Rozanne) this summer has seen both of them grow enormously and flower profusely.


The potty gardener

Well I was about to post pics of my garden then I see your beautiful pics Lizzie. Still you spend much more time than I do so deserve a truly wonderful garden.

First from corner by back door along wall next to house

 Then along that wall

 Along same wall different view

LLooking at other side which comes into garden

 Then from end of this line looking to back of garden along left hand side

 Looking into corner created at top left

From corner down left side


More views along left side

The bottom left corner

The potty gardener

Across to bottom right

 Then up right hand side

 Further up right side towards house- best ignore winter baskets of violas which are waiting for summer haircut

Up to top right corner


The potty gardener

Another view along right hand side looking from house to back gate

 Up right hand side beside the house- never any sun so I put ferns here

 Then down the side of the house. Mini greenhouses and troughs of primulas and primroses oversummering

 End of tour round garden- 7m by 4.6m


John Harding

Wow, you certainly know how to make use of a small space Bev. Very colourful.


Bev - that is stunning.  And all in pots! Must make you smile every time you open the back door


That's lovely Bev, a real oasis. You've done so much with the space.


   When you said everything in pots potty you really meant it didn't you!!!!

Amazing but how on earth do you find time to look after it all? Must be endless watering, topping, weeding, repotting...what about vine weevil? Any problem with those? How do you reach everything and what do you do when you just have to have another plant? There must be a limit as to how much you can fit in surely?! 


Wow to all the pics.

Bev, amazing all in pots. If you go on holiday, soz I'm unavailable for watering duty...

It must take you ages. Have you ever counted how many pots you have?  After H grumbled at how many we have I thought of starting a thread asking how many people had. Won't do it, will just award you a gold medal now.


John Harding

Loads of spare space for more pots there that I can see: A few 'Spur' shelving rails screwed to the wall, some 12" brackets clipped in (all adjustable for varying height requirements) and some pieces of decking board & Hey Presto - loads more space!

If you can't go outwards go upwards, though Bev might need to get planning permission to go higher than 2 metres! 



Bev is without doubt the Pot Queen! ...and I don't mean that kind.


 Took a pic today of the 'Black Dragon' sunflowers I have which have huge buds about to open. They're meant to be dwarf but they're a good metre high. Looking forward to seeing them open up.

PS - John- we have special nets for catching haggis. I'll send you one...



 Finally more than a week late Cosmos purity first flower.



Hooray for the long antcipated Cosmos flower

love the colour of those day lilies too

The potty gardener

Faiygirl it will be nice to see when that opens.

Love the cosmos KEF,the lovely feathery leaves.