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here are the pictures of a couple of my agastaches as requested





 some of my agastaches...others not yet fully flowering plus a picture of variegated hemerocallis...


One day Verdun, one day .... My garden will look just like yours!

 Ps: when did you say you were moving in?

sorry folks probs for mo

picture 1....agastache black adder with acer and just emerging summer sky in distance

picture 2..raspberry summer

picture 3...agastache Blue Boa foreground and black adder in distance

picture adder

picture 5...Hemerocallis Golden Zebra...sorry cant recall who asked to see this variegated day lily.


All super new pictures. Thanks so much for sharing everybody!



At last can see the plants  Variegated Hemoracallis new one for me. Love the contrast with the blue grass. Are the flowers scented?

Not seen some of the Agastache before. Do they all have aromatic leaves?

Think I could spend hours wondering round so much to see!!!


Lovely, I like Blue Boa. What is that golden plant next to it?

Addict, in real life the agastaches are stunning.  I have Sangria to "erupt" soon and this has to be one of my,favourites.  Blue boa is very new and, yes, the leaves are aromatic....liquorice to citrus.  They flower for a very long time ..if last summer is any indication they will flower until autumn.  The variegated hemerocallis foliage is clean, bright and eye catching from early spring to late doesn't really need those flowers to look good

Sorry busyL, the yellow plant next to BLue boa?  On the left is coreopsis sterntaler.  On the right is my favourite conifer..Taxus Coppershine.  In late spring the foliage colour is coppery orange (Rheingold is a poor imposter as far as the colour is comcermed.  Coppershine's colour is umequalled) and now the most exquisite butter yellow.  In the foreground I had linum perenne, a beautiful blue, but it's just had a haircut so that it will bloom again in a few weeks and then on into November.


Verdun - lovely pics, thanks for sharing.

i have one clump of agastache, and I have had success with cuttings so am increasing its size.  However, I am  about pictures 3 and 4 - which have much more dramatic flowers  than anything in my patch - are they named varieties?? ( I can feel a wish list coming on!)

Chicky. Yes they are named varieties.  I tend to only get named varieties on everything now because I guess I'm more fussy these days.....old age!  Some agastaches can seed everywhere and others "run" a bit so with named varieties I know exactly what they will do.  Honestly, I feel they are better plants and prob with more flower power.  Mine arent even in full flow yet

I have half a dozen new varieties that I am growing on for next year too. 

I guess these agastaches are more tender but down here they survive, albeit I take cuttings as a back up.  Treated as tender perennials they are fabulous plants, I think.  If you were to get one variety I think Sangria is superb....6 or 7' tall full of flower from toe to top on a well behaved erect pillar


Stunning Verdun


Stunning Verdun. Its lovely to see the gardens of the prople we know on the site and see if they are how we imagine from what we know or think we know about that person. I can cwetainly see your love of grasses.

Hiya punkdoc.....enjoying your volunteering?

Deanos Diggin It


Aftie's  All! 

Just thought I'd nip in n say Hi! 

Veg plot now in full swing! 

 Love It! 

 Onions n shallots just about cooked! 

Garlic, both soft neck n hard neck harvested n broad beans coming to an end! But had loads! Now room for the spring n Savoy cabbage! 

 Drying out! 

Rest of the plot running away with itself! 


 Stopped these strawberries flowering in hope of a bumper crop next year! 

The result of last years experiment! 

Off to sample the fruits of my labour!

With a nice piece of Sirloin!









Wonderful Deano. I hope you enjoy eating it. I love my fresh veg. When I see your photos I'm always amazed at the neatness of everything. Did you find that photo of a weed you said you'd send me?

Deanos Diggin It

 Liz! Weeds! 


I was shaking taking that picture! 


Hurray, I have all those, but bigger!

John Harding

Hi Deano, I see you have a cage over the brassicas. Haven't done that this year (haven't grown brassicas for a few years now but put a few Brus.sprouts & purple fl broc in this year). Having to go through them 3 times a day and remove the cabbage white B/fly eggs. Said to OH just this evening - going to manufacture some nets for next year. I did try to grow some Durham Early cabbages last year but used a sprayer that had had Roundup in it and even though I washed it out thoroughly 4 times with fresh water the plants all keeled over and died a week later.


so many great pictures and lot of nice projects going on in this thread. only just found it, Taken a good hour to read it but it was worth it. I'll add my monarda fireball