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my (so far) non mildew monarda is called 'Gardenview Scarlet'. It's doing very well indeed compared with previous monardas here.


 Here's my fatsia, I removed the lower branches after seeing it done somewhere else. I want height rather than too much spread, almost a standard style if I can manage it. In front is the new site for my alliums,in front of that lobelia cardinalis queen Victoria (red flwers about a metre high). To the left is hydrangea paniculata grandiflora (big pointed white flowers). I can't remember the one to the right but it has insignificant fluffy white pompoms.


The great thing about Fatsias is you can remove branches to shape them the way you want although they do shed a few older ones themselves anyway. I'll need to take a few out or move the heucheras and hosta as the Fatsia grows.  Like you, I'm going to have some white hydrangeas and fatsias in the back garden when I get it organised as I'll be creating a shady area against the new fence. 

Nut, I will try some monardas for next year.  There is a good site online with full descriptions, etc. 

Mrs Garden, lobelia queen Vic loves.....needs .....plenty of moisture.  It will wilt if soil dries out even slightly.  I grow mine in pond.  To shape bushes I follow the principle of pruning to upwards or downward facing buds, much as one does for roses.  I do it on conifers too..for height cut to upward bud; for width cut to downward bud.  It should work on fatsias too.  

Meant to add, faIrygirl. White hydrangeas in shade is perfect.  I like white Arum lilies too in shady spots.   My garden essentially is a sunny one so have to create shade but I plan to grow white lacescap, white arums, and a stunnIng. ( and I mean stunning) astrantia called jumble hole.  Among these I will plant lobela queen Victoria, brunnera Hadspen Cream, a vivid purple bergenia and dicentra King of Hearts.  A project for the autumn.



How hardy are these fatsias? I had one briefly and thought it died because it din't like the cold and wet. If they're hardy I may have another go, I love those big leaves


Verdun - thanks will try that Pruning tip for fatsia, as for lobelia they look ok and are further forward and I think I'll get away with enough moisture but again a good heads up to watch for, may also rethink plants around it to provide ground cover pos heuchera and hosta as FG says. not having much luck with new monarda, variety unknown but it's red,may come in next week or two (No mildew). Nut - Not had fatsia before and not sure how hardy it will be, but do see a lot grown in pots which may be taken into ghouse although a neighbour has them in exposed part of front garden so fingers crossed.


Re Fatsias - I've not had a problem with hardiness nut and we get long, cold, usually wet winters here. Seem to cope with frosts well too but where I had mine it was against house wall and in a deep bed (about a metre long and only half  a metre or so wide)  I created at the end of the deck we built so it had a sheltered position and only sun in the morning really. Had a clematis in the bed beside it. Don't have any pix I'm afraid. I take branches out completely back to the main stem rather than shortening. They're also good if you have cut flowers in a vase and need a bit of greenery to add bulk or contrast!

Verd- my whole back garden is very sunny and now that I'm making it bigger by pushing it back to my new boundary fence  I need to get some taller shrubs along there and create a nice little tiered effect at that end. Mainly whites- hydrangeas, philadelphus etc  and good contrasting foliage with a few evergreens as well. Probably symmetrical and with a focal point - my Dad's pot perhaps. Climbers on a couple of 'screens' to channel the view through into it. I know you recommend that astrantia so I might consider it as well. 

Fairygirl, I,like your dads pot getting pride of place...nice touch.

Do you  have room for viburnum mariesi?  White flowers on tiered ...almost espalier like ....branches.  Classy, I think.


Thanks Fg, I'll give it another go, I always prune back to a main stem, I think it leads to a more elegant plant in the long term.


great photo's, & nice to see the fatsia's popping up. Fairygirl I've never seen mine flower dont know if it will. I'm not sure what variety mine is, I do like to give mine about a litre of T a week this time of year. Does anyone else do that?

Nutcutlet I'm North West so the weather is rubbish, it is sheltered with the shed and fence.

also the monarda is Bergamot Bee Balm.

Thank you for sharing your garden plants They are delightful. Following a fall 2 months ago I have been unable to walk and cannot wait to  get into what will be a bed of weeds further surgery is likely so  it may be a while yet My OH a non gardener, is doing his best but I feel it will be like starting from the beginning again, meanwhile keep your piictures coming, they are much appreciated

Deanos Diggin It

Airwaves! With you on the non gardening partner bit! 

My thoughts are with you on recovery! 

Day on the plot, before returning to work in the morning! 

A few more stuff out! 



 Don't ya just love summer! 



Deano "Stumpy" Mine died 3 winters ago. I'd had it 13 yrs, before they were readily available. I used to go to GC and admire it, but even though working 40 quid was a big ask. H brought it home one day saying it was cheaper to buy it than me keep paying petrol to visit it. It lived for years in a pot and over wintered in GH, then I planted it o/s in shady sheltered place and wrapped with fleece packed with straw and ok for 3 winters but the really long bad one did it. I think that was the biggest saddest loss I've had in the garden.

p.s. I've still got the trunk laying in my fern bed.



KEF - how sad


Here are a few of my flowers at the moment.

These are all from inside my cage:



 and here is my red/orange section



And here are my patio pots (deer don't eat isotoma - so I use it liberally)




Chicky they are lovely pics, you have an eye for colour, says me who has no eye for colour but has a few nice combinations that arrived by luck

The potty gardener

Chicky lovely pics. Love that cart and watering can.

It is so nice getting to see everyones gardens