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Gardengirl - Tresco Abbey pics are beautiful.  The colour combinations are so nice and it's great to be able to visit these places and see how they organise planting flowers and veg together - like the old cottage gardeners used to do - or so I read in books and look at all the gorgeous pictures.  Here's one photo of some flowers which were planted at the edge of a veg bed last year.  Must be good to be able to produce such attractive combinations.

I think there are leeks behind this particular bunch.



It is nice to visit gardens to get ideas - nice photo yarrow2 like the grass in the photo and the flowers I try to grow some flowers with the veg to attract the bees

Rosa I went by boat don't like flying so 3 hours later with a shop on board not too bad nice views. boat still goes there


Just come back from visiting a garden in the NGS. Very cold day and obviously chose this date for the daffodils, which being late,  were not out. Could see a lot of structure, We were pushing a wheelchair so could only see a small part of the grounds




 Put the house in for those who like to be extra nosey

There were big groves of magnolias, so in a couple of months I think it would be Wow


Glad you put in the house, I'm one of the nosey ones! Looks as though it will be super a bit later.



Wow, what a garden and house. And the hedge!!!! Must take hours to keep that trimmed. Rather them than me.

The potty gardener

This may be astupid question- how do I find which gardens are open please?


NGS web site - also it was in the local press. When I got there I was given leaflets for the county I live in, showing gardens open and dates.

First though I went to the web

Caz W

Lovely pics BJ - shame you didn't get to see the daffs though.  Thanks for remembering the nosey people too

Gary Hobson

 Happy frogs...

And with their spawn...

There's a recent thread about pond edging. The snap below shows the edge of my pond. The details in the picture are not easy to see. There are irises in the pond, which merge into plants on the land side. The pond edge can't be seen....

The plant in the right foreground, with a mass of roots near the surface, is a pond lily.


Jean Genie

Gary - fabulous photos as usual   We have a big toad that sometimes lurks in the garage but I haven't seen him for a while. How he gets under the garage door is beyond me . He's enormous.

Jean Genie

These are from last year. Planted more of the same this year .Hoping I'll get the same result.


Not as grand as some of the pics that have been posted but I am please with these;




 The last one is already filled with flower buds which is 2 ,onths earlier than last year



This is the first cowslip in flower in my garden which has actually been flowering for nearly 2 weeks now.  Its a bit of an oddity, none of the others are anywhere near flowering.  This was self sown, so presumably, its hybridised with another primula resulting in early flowering.  The colour of the flowers are extremely vivid which is why I left the flowers in colour and the rest in B&W so that it stood out. 




Like that greeny yellow lplant in first photo dave. What is it, looks cheerful

Randy frogs - what more can I say Lovely flower jean 



Hi Rosa carriola, its called Erica Arborea ''Alberts Gold' it also flowers and grows to around a meter in 2-3 years. comes in several colours and species (pic4 is the var. alpina). 

Heres a pic of it a year ago,or.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=6405f5db73465c07&biw=1099&bih=727



I thought it was. I saw a pic in a mag when researching new border, it's good to see a real one (so to speak) think It will go on the list - which is getting longer and longer

Jean Genie

I have one of those lists as well Bjay.

Bunny ...
Great pics ...nice and cheering on a dull cold day, keep em coming .

There have been so many posts this one is disappearing and also it hasn't been keeping me updated. Haven't had an email about it for a bit, there is a tick in my box! So here is a photo of spring last year to get back in swing. Can't remember if I've sent it before.