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Good work TCM looking much tidier. I'm sure you'll enjoy the garden journey.

Verdun thannks as always for suggestions.


TCM - thats a lot of progress since early June !  If it were me I would still be unpacking removal boxes .  Its looking good, and it will all fill out very soon.  Like the boulders - they are a nice touch - bet they played havoc with someones suspension!



The boulders are probably left over from building the house. We live next to Woodbury Common, which is pebblebed heath. Lots of the local houses and especially walls are built from these pebbles (called "popple" locally). One of our internal walls used to be external (it was originally a C17th milking parlour) and you can see the lumps and bumps of the popple.

 When the dining room was added 15 or so years ago (by the architect owner of the time, who also planned and designed the garden) he did it in the same style, but left it unpainted

 It's actually illegal to remove pebbles from Budleigh Salterton beach, but there is a quarry on the Common so hopefully the ones in my garden (and house) were obtained legally


TCM - love those stones - what an interesting effect.  Gives the boulders in the garden some real significance.  Thats what I love about "real" gardens, they are full of personal history that makes them more than just the plants and grass.  Maybe thats the missing factor in some of the gardens that are beautifully planted, but somehow seem to lack a bit of soul.


TCM that's a lovely story and beautiful effect with the pebbles. I agree with chick- it's lovely to have these features in houses and gardens. What I find sad is when older houses get neglected and then someone comes along and flattens them and builds a new house because it's cheaper than renovating. Understandable perhaps, but sad to see nice pieces of architecture lost. I love the 'flint' walls  which I think are Derbyshire mainly (?) and your is a similar effect. Nice to have it inside the house as well so that you see it every day too. 



Lovely pics TCM and Mrs G.  Now for some of mine from the last couple of weeks:

 I can't see these when I upload so I hope they come out ok.  That's Hemerocallis "Crimson Pirate", I love it, so many blooms and so lovely.

 First time growing Echinops.  Planted in March bare root, then covered in snow for two weeks, just leaves until mid-july, and then suddenly spiky spheres appeared! 


 Chelsea Lily from B&Q.  Only planted them up the weekend before then after just over a week they're starting to flower.


 Lemon Balm, Thyme, Sage, Chocolate Mint and Parsley. 

 I love this, just had some trailing lobelia and trailing fuschia so bunged them in a basket, a lovely combination.  I love it when combinations work out.  I'm not always so lucky, unfortunately, I think this pot is a bit of a disaster:

 Still you can't win them all.  Hope you enjoy the pics.


Enjoyed the before and after pics and new project pics.

DHC, I like the disaster pot, what's the matter with it?


You wait until the Echinops spikey spears turn blue - true bee heaven, I have counted up to 8 on one sphere and different types of bee as well.


Matty, I must confess that I have always wanted to grow Echinops but have only just got round to it, and I can't wait for them to turn blue, I'm so excited!  I've really noticed the bees and butterflies the last couple of weeks, which is lovely.  Last night, however, I saw something slightly odd; there were two bees on my erigeron that were just sitting there.  I thought they were dead at first, then realised they would be on the ground if they were dead.  Here's a couple of pics:



 I realise still photographs don't show the length of time I watched them, but does anyone have any ideas?  Do bees sleep?

BL, glad you like the pot, it was a container collection from B&Q reduced to 50p, but people had scavenged all the plants they wanted from different packs, so I did the same, which meant I had no idea what exact variety I was getting.  I've never grown fuschia or petunia before, and so was surprised to find them having a fight in the pot!  There were salvias in there too but they had no chance.  It's a bit busy for me and I don't like the mix of colours, but I'm glad someone does.  Of course it's not a complete disaster, I've now been converted to petunias and fuschias and next year I'll be growing loads more.

The potty gardener

Thecatsmother I love those enormous pebbles, they really finish the bed off. You have done a lot in a very short time. It will be great next year when you have had a whole winter to plan what you want to do.

Daisy lovely pics.I especially like the one with lobelia and fuchsia- My fuchsia basket is now flowering and looks lovely if I say so myself


Daisy - I have noticed lots of motionless bees too - I had assumed they were just having a rest .  They are particularly noticeable clustered round my Veronica's, and it only seems to happen on cloudy days, so maybe they are trying to warm up enough to get going again.


Glad people like my Popples - I love them (inside the house and in the garden)

. They have also been used extensively around the pond


 And to section off the flat area where I've put all my pots, from the herb garden (another happy discovery when weeding in the first weeks here)

 Love the lobelia/fuschia combination

The potty gardener

Here are some pics of the front of the house

First the whole front

 The view up the front path

 The Fuchsia basket by the door

 Looking from path across house

 From the other side

 Then three showing the new Gerbera

The one to the left

 The middle one

 The one on the right




Love the colour you've packed into the front garden - it looks great!


Loads o' colour there.  Gave up on hanging baskets cos of the watering but yours are blooming fantastic potty.  Very, very nice indeed



Looks fantastic Bev.  Bet you get passers by stopping to admire!


TPG beautiful planting and baskets.

Chicky - that's a good theory, I don't know if bees need to warm up like lizards, though.  I will have to do some research on the interweb.


Wow potty, it's fantastic. 

This thread keeps going AWOL , anyone else had problems?