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Today instead of painting the shed I went to GC & nursery to have a look. Came back with these. If this posts okay I'll eat my hat !

 Meconopsis grandis "Lingholm"  see if I can kill this one.

Just trying one picture before I do the rest.


Eat away KEF, we are waiting for the rest of your pics...


Lobelia 'Tania' & Phlox Paniculata hybr. 'Little Laura'

 Scabiosa Barocca


Hi Mrs G....fairy must have waved her wand I usually mess up!


These are my current lilies, so happy with them.

 This appears twice, just for good measure




 3 more Gerbera from last week, I've taken a shine to these.



Lovely KEF, don't the bees just love the stachys? I've never grown lillies but must try some (oh I keep saying that for so many...)

Deanos Diggin It




Yo! Dudes! Freaks here again! 

 Veg plot "Rocking it's socks off" 



Great pix Deano and KEF! And smashing spuds Archie!  

KEF- it'll be fine - I'm sitting behind it so I'll keep an  eye open for any probs ...



Deano you've nicked my white flecked lily

Wish I had a veg plot like yours, mine is only small and haven't anywhere to create another as we still have roots from an old apple tree, but one day.. Lotta work gone into yours, bet you're well chuffed.

Mrs G. lilies smell divine, but I've spent ages on lily beetle inspection and killing, must admit at times I nearly gave up. This year I've been home so they have thrived last year the little red devils made a right mess of them.


Great pics. The potatoes look yummy. I am not sure about growing veg, thought I'd try with flowers first. My first foray into fruit and veg are the strawberry plants donated by my brother (they were delish) and a tomato plant planted in the same bed. I fear my inexperience shows on the plant - lots of tomatoes coming but the plant looks a bit wild! Not sure if it shows in the picture?

Still, am hoping all the tomatoes will grow - my first ever! Maybe I should have watched some YouTube videos for instructions!!

The potty gardener

KEF lilies and gerberas two of my favourites.

Dean lovely pics and your vegs are still so neat and tidy.

4thPanda I grow flowers and have a couple of apple trees.

Keep the pics comming. It is so nice to see them all


I love this thread! So many great pictures

Deano, your plot still looks fabulous - can you bear to pick anything?

I also spotted fairy in the corner - that girl gets everywhere!!

KEF - i grew a batch of Laura phlox from bare roots this year - they have just started flowering - very pretty


... And panda - fingers crossed for ripening tomatoes