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Looking great already John . You'll have plenty for everyone with that tomato! 

Just took a pic of my ligularia which has lots of flowers appearing now. Loads of bees on it the other day - but tonight this little one was sitting very quietly having a rest:



Heres how one of my borders changes through the seasons:


 And now:

 Its like one of those books I had when I was little where you painted over with water and all the colours changed like magic

Amazing Chicky your garden looks so colourful and pretty


It's strange, plant 2 isolated plants at completely different times and they blend so well without any planning:

 Hips from Rosa Glauca and Crocosmia masonarium (I think)


The potty gardener

Some lovely pics. Yellow seems to be the colour of the moment


Love the borders chicky, an dthe colours Matty.

(thanks potty, I keep losing the thread, can't follow it or see it anywhere for last few weeks)

Went to mums today, her garden is a riot of colour...










Your mum's garden is lovely and bright MrsG. 

If you click on hot threads or latest posts you'll then see a link called followed threads. Any  thread you've posted on should come up on there. When the site was a bit hit and miss recently it was a bit off too, but usually it's fine.


thanks FG but its been missing on followed since before then, even after I've posted on it. I've even looked for it in latest with the date but its not been there. Can't work out how to add it to followed from profile, there seems only an option not to follow.thunk it was little Ann up last time for me.


I just followed  my own advice MrsG and it's not on mine either - d'oh!! 

The othe roption is to type it into the 'search' window right at the top of the page- that might work.

I'm off to try that now!


Took some pix of sweet pea Cathy this morning growing up a wigwam of canes in a pot. Lovely scent.

 These ones are growing up the handrail beside my back door along with a clematis. All quite happy together in the same pot!



FG- can smell them from here!

Rabbit clobbered all mine this year, they never really recovered.  Next year i am reserving space for them in the new veg patch - will use the Beechgrove idea of growing them up net frames. 


We had same problem at last house chick but we had a huge pot about 3' high which previous owners left and I grew some in that when we were selling. It was too high for them to jump up into!

The potty gardener

Lovely pics Mrs Garden.

Fairygirl those sweetpeas are beautiful. Has made me think I may put white with just a single dark colour next year. Then the other wigwam mixed.



pg - I've got a mix of Cupani and Cathy in two large terracotta pots. The Cupani are dark purple and a lighter shade on the same flower. I thought I put a pic on here but I think it was on Verd's 'star in the garden' thread. There are some nice dark sweet peas but i always grow Cupani -not sure why! They're slightly smaller than the more usual s.peas but beautiful perfume.

Cathy Cupani would be a good forum name!

Found the pic


Hello, I'm new around here but have been reading loads having fallen in love with my garden this year for he first time afte 10 years of neglect. With an awful lot of elbow grease I'm pleased with the results although lots more to do and loads to learn.




Hi Georgie, welcome. It doesn't look neglected now. That's lovely

Thanks nutcutlet, there seems so much to learn!  Am taking it in bit's size chunks