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Looks good Fairy. 

Was coming on here to put on the fruits of my labours, finally finished the new bed/border! Next task is putting in the bulbs!!

And from the other angle. . . . 

 When you have finished painting yours, you could come and do mine? It's only a 120 foot garden!  






all very impresive 

I'll keep a low profile here I think. I have a fine weedy shambles at the moment though I'm seedsaving like mad.


Well ladies,you've both worked really hard and just look at the results! I must try n keep up! Trouble is finding a decent pic to post, may have a skirt round the garden with the camera tomorrow... Which reminds me verdun seems to have lost his !


Thanks all - I'll skip the painting Panda if you don't mind as I have fence painter's wrist.. Andy - I'll take a raincheck unless it only involves holding a hammer and eating cake!

Panda - you've done a great job. It's a lovely feeling to get plants into a new area. Have you put any new climbers in along your fence?


Thanks all. Am very proud of myself  No climbers thought about, to be honest. They would be pretty much in shade all day, so if you (or anyone else) has any thoughts of what could go there. . . . ? 


The potty gardener

Fairy you really have done well with your fence you clever thing.

Panda that looks good.

It is really lovely to be able to see pics of so many different gardens with all the different ideas.


Having a bit of a red moment.




Very nice fidget. 

Panda- Hydrangea petiolaris is ideal for shade- evergreen and flat white flowerheads. Some clematis and roses grow well in shade - try Taylors site for clematis and David Austin or Beales for roses. 


Fairy - gate/fence looking good - all the structure is coming together, and soon it will be planting time

Panda - new bed is looking fab - make sure you keep the pictures coming next year as the plants all start filling the gaps.  Agree with Fairy - the climbing hydrangea is great for a shady fence.

Fidget - loving that red - particularly the red catkin thing (is it amaranthus) - keep seeing that around this year - must try it for next - is it tricky ??


The red catkin thing is Amaranthus hypochondriacus. It is a species from mexico, that I grew from RHS seed. It is also known as princes feather. The seedlings were variable, and I only planted out the most red leaved ones. Some were green. The ones planted out early got to 5 foot and then keeled over in a wind. The tassels are supposed to be more upright. I intend leaving them for the birds in the winter, they are formimg seed now. I will put them on the seed list later. Treat as half hardy annual,need heat to germinate. There are a lot of cultivars around in the seed catalogues that are shorter and have more dangly sort of flowers.


New lavender, ivy and dianthus pots, carefully guarded by Cheeky and Snarly.



A belated welcome to the forum Caron4

Some hard work done here I see...planting, fencing etc.  Well, I've been thinking of lots of work to do.......have a cuppa then another think of more work to do.

Nice garden pics folks


Thanks for the climbers advice. Will look into the Hydrangea, didn't know they came as climbers 

Lovely pictures fidget and Mrs G  

Verd, thought for a second you'd put a picture up of your garden! Still waiting an update 


Did you take the 2nd pic from an upstairs window MrsG or were you bungee jumping? I know what you're like when you've had a few 

PS Lovely pix!

I've got 2 bees - Mr Big Weary bee:

 and Mr Hungry bee:



Mr Hungry Bee is SO cute !!!



Are you sure Mr Hungry bee is not Mrs?


FG, no just stood on tip toes!


In a few days im hoping these Victoria plumbs will be ripe enough to pick...



I poked him with a big stick fidget and he told me to **** off - so it was definitely a Mr ....



Lead farmer... Nice plums. its been a bough breaker year for Victorias, even with thinning.  There is nothing quite as nice as a victoria plum, warm from the tree, with juice dripping down your chin..