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My garden is looking very green now, just completed the clear up at the back, all sweet peas taken down, hanging baskets replaced with winter ones, but they are new so not great yet.

I did some more garden renovations over the last couple of months, new greenhouse (only a small 4x6) built a pergola, planted a wisteria (in a pot) to climb part of the pergola and taken down the temporary greenhouses that had the toms in.









And finally my Casualty Corner Bottle brush which i got for £2.50 earlier this year, which has flowered, all be it only a bit


 4 of the 5 photos are flipping 180 when enlarged 


Looking really good Singy. Pergola's very impressive! 

Are you putting more planting on the pergola? It's a great opportunity for climbers isn't it. Pix were fine when I enlarged 

Thanks Fairygirl, yes it is my intention to have it covered in climbers, but I am trying my best not to put anything else on at the moment, i tend to get carried away by starting and finishing things immediately, and then wanting to change again as its not quite what I want.

I enjoyed making the pergola, i thought about buying a kit, but that would have cost at least twice as much as just buying the wood and making my own.  the decking its on, is already raised about 2 foot above ground level, which for my 90 year old 4"11' neighbour must seem like a sky scrapper, its about 10 feet from his side of the fence!



Great Pergola Singy - all that planting potential !!

Pleased with my late summer colour this year:



 And the one below is the bit the deer can get to - they don't like Rudbeckia Indian Summer (although they love munching Rudbeckia Goldstrum - they are pretty fussy !)

 All taken early this morning.


My garden has a new flush of colour with the autumn flowers, such as Michaelmas daisies and sedums.

 The cyclamen are coming out too.




Very pretty Lizzie - is that a rose growing over the tree stump in the first picture?


It's climbing rose Mme Alfred Carrière growing over a pillar about 2 1/2 metres tall that forms an arch with another pillar and a beam over some stone steps.


Here is a pic earlier this year.



Someone, ? Mrs. Garden, on Morning Forkers asked for Garden Gallery to be pushed up. Isn't it time Verdun took some more photos?

Yes BL it was me, thanks so much, I knew id missed some and it was well worth the visit, gorgeous photos, always great to see.

 Not a great picture but cosmos purity white and salvia mystic flowers are still flowering their socks off (yesterday). 



 And this has just started, 5' tall.


Love your pictures as always Busy-Lizzie and Mrs Garden that Salvia ? Cosmos combo is great.


Thank you punkdoc.

Mrs. G the colour of the salvia with the white is gorgeous.


Autumn colour is just beginning to arrive.



Your garden always looks wonderful and so well cared for, Berghill.


I took this picture in July after cutting back the clematis so that they could be moved to a new bigger trough

 This was taken today



Do you think this fellas been looking after them


Is that Verdun up there little ann? Plants looking happy too, hope he's not telling them his jokes.

Berghill, nice to see your garden at this time of year, mines ok in tiny snaps but wouldn't look much in a full view like those , lovely. Can't wait to see the winter photos.

its rumoured its what he looks like Mrs G, he certainly gets about