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Shame I can't see many of those pictures at the moment.  Forum bit temperamental 


Still a lot of colour about too.

These are in the Alpine house

 Campanula fragilis

 Oxalis perdicaria Maloborba

 Oxalis perdicaria Cetrino

 Oxalis Anne Christie

 Oxalis hirta


And some in the garden

 Aster ericoides horizontalis

 Gypsophila tenuifolia

 Allium thunbergii album

 Allium thunbergii

 Anemone japonica Honorine de Joubert


Lovely, Berghill.

Forum is being difficult for me too. Threads take ages to appear, makes me feel like not coming here.



Lovely flowers, Berghill and yours too little-ann, are they a kind of gladioli?


Berghill, lovely flowers.That Aster ericoides looks wonderful. Is it a perrennial or a shrub type?


hi sue they used to be called schizostylis now they are hesperantha but i call them by there common name kaffir lilly 


Love that kaffir lily little ann - such a zingy colour for this time of year.  And, Berghill, that horizontal aster has gone on my (very long) wish list !!


hi chicky, its a lovly colour isnt it especially on these dull wet days


Lovely little-ann, great strong colour for this time of year.  We had schizostylis at last house but it was the  wishy washy pinky one which I don't care for. Still- the bunnies didn't eat it so it was useful! 

Berg- cracking pix. Love the little white allium and the alpines are stunning. 


Just came across this thread so pics taken earlier in year.


The potty gardener

Little-Ann what a fab colour

Berghill you still have somany flowers

I'd love to be sat on that bench Forester2


great picture, whats the pink flower forester



Aster ericoides horizontalis is a shrubby Aster rather than a soft herbaceous type, I cut it back to a few inches from the base each year. Cannot remember where we got it from now either. Possibly from a Garden Centre in Tenbury Wells. Though the last time we went they seem to have stopped selling anything interesting like that.

You probably would find it under Aster ericoides var. prostratus in the Plant Finder.




Little-ann - the pink flower is a bougainvillaea which was a present from my sis in law.  It said on the tag that it will be hardy down to minus 5 degrees so I hope the winter is not a cold one as I do not have a greenhouse to transfer it to.

Thanks potty gardener - my favourite place to sit in the sun.

Busy-Lizzie wrote (see)

Doctor Ruppel, the clematis I'd searched for after seeing LeadFarmer's one, had produced a last flower, it had already flowered. Bought it in Newhaven the day I met Bev, potty gardener, in the GC. So it will remind me of Bev.


Great choice BL. Mines had a second flush of flowers recently. I didnt cut it back last year so the flowers are higher up this year. Think Ill cut it back a bit next spring. Here a photo of it before it flowered this year, growing up the left side of my archway, its now grown all the way over the top which is what I wanted...

Another favourite clematis of mine is Piilu which grows behind my garage..






This summer I grew a lot of plants in pots on my patio, which seemed to work quite well..


 Next year Ill be adding more aliums.

LeadFarmer.  Looks good there.

 I love the purple sensation alliums.  I have those purple heads above daffodils, wallflowers and the hellebores in own garden.  You have reminded me to get some more