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MrsGarden that a nice photo but taking a photo of a rain bow isnt that the same as pointing??



sorry, Clueless, is it rude? I havent come across that before. But it did disappear before I could get upstairs for a better shot. 


No MrsGarden they say it's bad luck to point at a rainbow 



Oh dear, hope the storms werent my fault  

Here is a pic of plants in the garden



Me too - but love the Kaffir lily even more.  I know from a post a few weeks back that we both invested in the same plant, so I am now impatiently waiting for my buds to open !  Til then, I'll have to keep looking back at your pic....


Love a good snap dragon! Mine just keep on coming 



Hi potty gardener, I'm sure a Callicarpa would do fine in a pot. You would probably need to use a fairly big one. My Callicarpa is about 1.5 m tall now and about 1m wide. I have never pruned it and it has taken a number of years (about 5 - I think) to get to this size. It's not a difficult plant to grow and I think would be easy to repot etc. They say they berry better if there is another nearby. My neighbour has since got one but I don't see any difference in the berry numbers - my plant has always berried well.

been looking at the lovely pics here wish my garden was like them

Gardengirl..: Can you please tell me what the yellow plant is in your first photo? It is lovely. can it stay outside all year?

Here are the survivors of my first year gardening on my own. There are about three types of begonias. I'm quite pleased with how long they've kept going - and quite surprised how the Hosta seems to keep producing new flowers. The wall they're against is East facing and I suppose they are to some extent protected from the prevailing wind which comes from the West.



Antirrhinum Birdy. Not totally hardy as far as I know.

Lovely autumnal pic 

My little Tiarella 'Cygnet', awaiting it's new home. Maybe today it'll go in!




That's lovely, Jane. Is it your garden?

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