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We had a thread running last year for people to post pictures of their gardens-thought it would be nice to start afresh for this year

There are some popping up on different threads but if you just want to post a picture of your garden or ones you have visited it would be nice for it to be all in one spot

For those who want to have a glance back -this is the link to the previous one

Sue H
Geoff. This is a really good idea. Love looking at other peoples gardens and perhaps stealing some ideas.

Good idea - saves posting on lots of different threads, and makes an easy reference

Tick V G Geoff 


OK I'll offer the snowdrops at Kingston Lacy, Dorset although I know some have already seen them. Nothing much of my own to post just now.


Gary Hobson

Some snaps in my garden, taken today. Hellebores, snowdrops, and primroses...


 Just wanted to share this picture ive just found in my camera with you from my garden last summer. I grew these from seed the previous year and I had never grown anything before so you can imagine my excitement when for the second year running they came back as lovely as they did. They are right under my living room window and so pretty. I hope they are as lovely this year


Yvonne, you clearly took that one the one sunny day last year    It never stops being thrilling when your nurtured palnts do well! Hoping to see this year's looking just as fabulous.

Jean Genie

Lovely photos and brill idea.  Will see if I can get some tomorrow , weather permitting.

The new border isn't finished yet but may take some before and after pics.

It's a bit baldy at the moment though.


Wonderful Spring pics and lovely Lupins

A few from me

Pam LL x



Fabulous as ever, Pam

Crocuses are just so full of joy!


Those are so lovely. One day..........


I think I'm going to enjoy this thread.




Love those dark purpley-red hellebores, Liz.
A month ago I took pics of the first flowers to open on my Chaenomeles. It goes on for weeks and weeks and is completely covered with them.



Brilliant Idea, I will be posting some before and after pictures, nothing to shout about but alot of work done. 


Oooh Flo. Is that nivalis - I have it in my white border but it is very small - did have flowers last year IF it stops raining will go and look later.



Not much going on outside-but these going on inside


The potty gardener

Some brilliant pictures. Thank you to everyone who has posted.

Can't wait to see all the rest of the pics through the year.

A couple of this years fave pics so far from me







Gorgeous Bev  I've never seen those double hellebores, they are lovely!

Bjay, I expect it is Nivalis, I've had it so long that I can't remember. It's in a raised bed and gets pretty severely 'pruned' to keep it in check. Seems to respond by flowering its heart out

Deanos Diggin It

Right! I'm Gunna cheat! 

 I know it say's 2013, but I have been preoccupied! 

I has of yet have now't to post from the current year, But will, has the year progresses!

Last year! 



I was feeling left out! 

Lovely Pictures Everybody! 


Gorgeous pics  I really must get some double Helebores - they are so lovely and I love the white Chaenomeles

I bet your Hyacinths smell wonderful Geoff

Pam LL x