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Pat E

Ive repeated one of mine just so that I get the reminders 

thanks folks. I always feel uncomfortable using the camera thread because my photos are just snap shots by my iPad mini.

Beaus Mum

Wow Pat that rose is the most gorgeous colour.  Both hellebores are beautifully pure 😊

And the frosty pics are quite stunning.  What exactly is a hoar frost? 😳

Pat E

Fairy, Ive photographed a page from my bird book to show you what we weren't able do well when the bird was collecting nectar from the Pokers which was being blown about by wind. I should acknowledge the book title and authors to do the right thing. It's Field Guide to the Birds of Australia by Simpson and Day.

the one we see is no 571. Easyern Spinebill.


Beau - a hoar frost is one that turns all the trees white as well as just the grass - not exactly sure why, but its something to do with moisture in the air.  We get lots of ground frosts, but very few of the ones where it makes it look like its been snowing.



Yes - it's the moisture that helps create it. We have plenty of that, although much less than usual this winter - hurray!  

Lovely Pat. The beaks are really long and fine aren't they? Perfectly designed for those little tubular flowers. Similar to hummingbirds then?

Pat E

Except they need to hang on instead of hovering . Pretty, aren't they?


That's a beautiful book, Pat.

Not a photo from my garden, but it's filling my kitchen with scent, present from son 1.

Pat E

I can just imagine the perfume, BL. What a lovely thoughtful gift. I envious.

Lovely roses Pat

BL , I do like Hyathins  but o/h can't stand the perfume so don't grow them in doors 

Pat E

Thanks GWRS, I'm glad you like them.


Hellebore ericsmithii 'Snow Love' blooming it's socks off

Viburnum bodnantense 'Charles Lamont' - such sweet perfume

Pat E

Nice. I was just thinking about how that would smell, Dove. I've got a V davidii that is just lovely when you walk past it, so yours might be similar.

time for sleep for me, so catch you all later.


iris reticulata Katharine Hodgkin brought indoors


I love Katharine Hodgkin in a pot. She needs to be up off the ground and in the limelight all by herself 


Pat E

I've not seen that Iris before Joyce. Very nice.


Lovely Iris joyce cant wait until mine flower

Pat E

We've been out the back on our bush block this morning, so some photos of what's worth photographing now.

Hyacinth Orchid - Dipodium  punctatum

Black Cypress-Pine - Callitris endlicheri. We don't have many native conifers, so I was glad to find this one happily growing amongst the Eucs.

A hillside of wattle and dogwood (Acacia brachybotrya and  Cassinia aculeata)

Close-up of Acacia  - plus my toe Sneaking in.

Our back north west corner

Id better stop before I fill it up. Please note our lovely fertile soil. (Not)

Pat E

Fingers crossed, we MIGHT get some rain. Whoopee!

what difference a couple of hours can make.


Pat - lovely pics of trees. Hyacinth orchid is beautiful.

Hope the ground got some much needed rain.