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Pat E

Yes Joyce, it was very heavy, nearly hail I think, and we got 4.5mm so I'm always glad to get any at all.


Very cold today, wish it was a few months on!


Another great frost here this morning - Chicklet's camera captures it better than my phone

Beaus Mum

Sorry Chicky just catching up hence late reply.  Another beautiful pic and thank you for explaining hoars frost to me 

Can't believe in my 27 years i had not known or heard this expression but then the other night on the news i heard it 

Lovely Pics everyone....👌😊


Beaus Mum

Halfway hoars frost here today 


I've been updating our Big Dreams in Small Spaces garden that we created with guidance from Monty on Twitter but I've been made aware that some people aren't au fait with it and pointed me here. Hopefully they've come out alright!

As it's my first garden I've got more to learn than most. 

I've tried to mingle in some evergreens so that there's colour throughout winter. I'm particularly pleased with the shade garden. The ferns make up for the lack of hostas, and the wasabi has taken well to its new home.

The wet winter is perfect. Bring on the moss!

Although it's a lot of work clearing leaves in autumn the zen garden still gets a clean and rake.

Have not yet lit the lantern. I keep forgetting to try it out.

The red bench was Jake's idea. Inspired by the red Japanese gateways.

Very much looking forward to our first spring!

Many thanks for your kind words about the show. We loved making it. And love our garden!


(Twitter: @antinbath)

Beaus Mum

Thank you Ant  I think my favourite part is your shaded area, beautiful 


It's looking very good for a garden in winter. aym I'm pretty sure it already has acers and bamboo, I saw them on the programme and I know the tree in the patch of earth is an acer, wearing it's naked winter coat! And there is a bamboo behind the red bench. The red looks great.

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Hello , nice garden and pictures.  Have not been watching the show 


Looking good! It will take a while for it to feel lush and mature - the waiting is the hard part 

If you want a bit more greenery for this time of year, you can add it in the form of large pots on your deck too. It may not be traditionally Japanese, but there will be plenty of things you can use to give a lush effect for winter, when you're inside looking out.

How about creating some simple mounds of moss (or something moss-like) in pots? Different heights and sizes grouped together in matching pots. Just an idea.... 

aym280 says:

Anyone knows the name of this elegant tree in the middle please?

I used to have one in the corner of my garden but the storm and old age killed it. One of the few plants left by the previous owner? 

PLEASE HELP NAME THIS FOR ME! I really like it. 

See original post

 It's Cryptomeria japonica elegans

Here's my planting plan after we finished.


Gorgeous BL  

Hoping mine get a move on soon. 


Gorgeous photos.  Your snow drops are miles ahead of mine Busy. 



Lovely Lizzie  Miles ahead of me too, but the anticipation is mounting 

My helebores are just coming up.


Ours were good when the sun shone on them yesterday.


Lovely, Berghill. What a lot you have!

Kitty 2

Simply beautiful Berghill .

I'm more than a little envious of your wonderful display.