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Pat E

Thanks for your kind and cheerful comments. I think the flowers have made a mistake though, there was snowfall in Canberra and half way down to us today, with more predicted tomorrow and that's without the extra thrill of alpine gale force winds (again or should I say still).  Luckily, we are trapped inside because of the lurgy, so we can watch from the windows. 

Pat E

I thought you might like to see the Nigella seedlings I was referring to earlier.

in this last spot, there WERE some beautiful Viola septremtrionalis growing.  Not sure if they'll emerge this year.


World domination indeed Pat! I'd agree though - there could be worse things bidding for world domination. There's two I can think of right now - of the human sort.... 

I love the little jonquils and daffs too. Always bring a smile, even on a dreary day. Narcissus, in general, is one of my favourite groups of plants. Along with the native primulas, they're hard to beat  

Always enjoy looking at this thread. Glorious pix. 

Lots of colour today. I absolutely love Calendula Indian Prince and cosmos purity. That beauty from a little seeds 


And happy bees, too, Jaffacakes!  



....and lots of happy bees and hoverflies too jaffacakes.  

autumnal colour on my oak leaf hydrangea

but the Black Knight sweet peas are still flowering beautifully. These are  behind Phormium 'Cream Delight'

I have a pot of them beside these Lord Bute pelargoniums too. They're almost identical in colouring

I have some cosmos and a bee.

They like the fucshias and one on a leaf.

Yes all the bees are very happy buzzing around. Very hard to get photos of them as they hop between flowers  Love the oak leaf hydrangea.

Pat E

The perfume is a bit overwhelming. My father told me that his mother always said it was bad luck to have jonquils in the house - I suspect she found the perfume as uleasant as I do. 

Pat E

I prefer these perfumes


Gorgeous though Pat 

I love dianthus/carnation scent too. I only grow dianthus and they're a bit short for cutting, but I often put some in one of the little bottles I have, or in a bud vase. 

Pat E

Yes Fairy, the carnations only have a weak perfume but the little white violets have a surprisingly strong perfume. They always surprise me. I forget they're around and suddenly i see some little white heads poking up through a shrub. 

Victoria Sponge

Loving all the bug and bee pictures, lovely flowers too. Nice to see some daffs as well, one of my favourite flowers. I was once tricked into cleaning my bathroom by a daff with a funky stench

I've almost forgotten to enjoy my garden this summer, been planning changes and fussing about non-gardeny things but here's some stuff before it's all gone...

Rudbeckia, forgotten which, most seed grown

Going to extend the brick path up to the arbour this winter, not enough walking space at present

Pink Glow crabs, going to try and make jelly this year. Hope it's jelly as in jam🤔

Russian sage, potentilla Monarch's Velvet (I think) and scabious ochroleuca

Beautiful, glowing, Amber, love this tall Helenium, and purple loosestrife, it's actually really well behaved for a wildflower, better manners than some of my real plants

Pond area, moving Inula hookeri and Lythrum salicaria Dropmore Purple this winter, hope I don't kill them. Hope I do kill the white willowherb as I'm sick of it.


Can't  find the insect  thread 


Like the butterfly pic B3.

Lots of lovely colourful blooms in all the pics



Wow - garden's looking great VictoriaS - those rudbeckias are really an eyefull - guaranteed to bring a smile 


Beautiful Victoria, I also love Lythrum - I think it's heavily underrated, especially in clay soil gardens. 

Victoria Sponge

Thanks guys, very kind of you as garden is a bit wild and weedy at the mo

Yes, lythrum are fab Mark, nothing eats them, they don't require staking and I've noticed some have nice autumn colour


Very nice pictures everyone 

I like Lythrum as well 

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