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Pat E

They prefer flowers to grass, LIlyp. They do like clover.  If you look at the clump of irises, you can see where “someone” ate the leaves before the flower stems started pushing up. I’m still not sure if it was a Hare or a Wallaby. We have a very large Hare here, it’s as big as our friends small dog. It freezes when it sees us, and puts its ears back alonng it’s back and pretends it’s a rock.  Makes us laugh when we can see this large brown lump in the wrong place. 


Fairy and Alan, lovely butterfly pics.

Pat, lovely to see your spring blossom and flowering bulbs as our gardens go into a gradual decline. 

Pat E

Thanks Joyce. I’m getting more aware since I’ve been posting on here. It IS interesting to note how your changes are the opposite of ours.


Gorgeous photo Alan. They clearly like the Actea flowers   

Yes - the hoverfly had a companion too, Liri - but it was round the others side. I like the idea of them being photo bombed  

Lovely to see the daffs and spring flowers Pat, as Joyce says. Today is really autumnal here - one of those cool, clear starts, and a bit of welcome sun after the rain.  Lots of trees almost leafless, but still plenty of colour on others, and some still to come. 



Built myself a theater today it will be useful for putting hardy potted plants on during the winter and summer flowering pot plants in the summer. I got the idea from the National trust gardens that I have visited.

Wow, please could you come and build me one?! Faaantastic


It was a lovely Autumn day today, so I popped out to take a few photos in the garden while the sun was on it.

Acer palmatum 'Sango-kaku'.  Sky almost as blue as Pat's in Oz.  

Parrotia persica, Persian Ironwood.

Hesperantha coccinea 'Pink Princess'.  It was in shade by the time I got to it... sun doesn't last long in my garden this time of year.


Lovely pics Liri and what a view you have 


Thanks Joyce.  We chose the house because of the view...  

Yes, the setting of your house and garden are stunning Liri and I particularly love the colour of your Acer palmatum and the Hesperantha coccinea - I am not familiar with this delicate flowered plant - is it a biennial or does it grow from a bulb, it looks like a type of gladioli?


GD. Hesperantha are South African in origin,,,,corms

this is the deep pink form

I must get some of Liri's paler form..

That's the one I have too Joyce, would love the paler one, can you let me know if you find one?


Hesperantha used to be called Schizostylis, and you might still find it under that name, LilyP.  Mine came from the Harrogate flower show.  It seems to be completely hardy and spreads happily in partial shade for me.  I've just looked it up on line and it seems pretty readily available.  

GD, that Acer has wonderful coral pink stems - beautiful in winter.


Thanks Liro, I will have a look

some photos from this morning

These gardens are amazing, nicely planted and laid out very professionally, a lot of thought has gone into their appearance.

 I love our garden but we didn't design it, there are bits here and bits there although I think perhaps the front garden was professionally planted up in the beginning (1880's).  I think at one time our back garden was a huge cabbage patch (100's of them I vaguely recall) before we lived here.

Thanks for the info regarding the lovely Hesperantha - I will certainly be looking them up, I am assuming the corms are planted in the spring to flower at this time of year?


LP, garden is still looking good for this time of year especially what I think is your pink flowered spirea.  Mine finished flowering a few weeks ago.

Papi Jo


Great construction work, bravo!


What a superb view of your house in its environment, I sincerely envy you. Lovely autumn colours, well-captured, esp. the Parrotia persica. Lovely Hesperantha coccinea 'Pink Princess' too. I've been given cuttings but they only produced leaves, no flowers this year, maybe I'll have to be patient.

@Lily Pilly

Great pics of autumn in your garden.

My little contribution, photos taken this morning.

Symphyotrichum pilosus var. pringlei 'Monte Cassino'

Symphyotrichum x 'Vasterival'

Persicaria virginiana

Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebrinus'


@ Lilly Pilly 

 Great garden looks like it gives you plenty of work

@ Papi Jo

Nice pictures of your Michaelmas Daisies my favorite flower at this time of year