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I should have some Pulsatilla vulgaris  and Snakes head Fritillary  coming through next spring.

This flower bed has been a bit mauled about a bit this year.

The harebells have been a great success Fairygirl, I have 3 or 4 clumps of them around the garden and this group has been the longest flowering. I have already got some seedlings germinating for next year.

I wish the blackbirds had eaten the pyracantha berries - I hope they don't go to waste, but with a cat prowling around our garden perhaps the blackbirds aren't taking any chances. 

Thanks for the Hypericum name - I will look it up.  The flowers are so dainty.


I love the little pulsatillas Iamweedy. A welcome bit of colour in late winter/spring. 

They'll eat the red berried ones (pyracanthas) first GD. They still haven't started on mine at the back of the garden yet, so they must have plenty to eat just now.   

The harebells are gorgeous aren't they? So delicate. I bought some cotton grass for the side of the pond too - those two plants remind me of the hills when I'm not out on them. 


The birds are possibly saving the pyracantha seeds for later when other such things has seem to have run out, ths  berries are the snack of last resort when nothing is left.  None of the fallen holly berries on the ground seem to have been eaten. 

I must get some meal worms  I have a robin and a black bird that seem  to spy on me and stalk  me around the garden, particularly when I am weeding.

I probably should stop talking to them or every one will know I am a crazy old woman.

Yes, you could be right Iam, our holly berries are still on the tree - although I did hear starlings (or were they mistle Thrush) in the tree recently.

Here are the last of my garden pictures for a while.

The last Dahlia Ball Fusion, 2nd year of flowering.
Rose Ruby Ruby again in it's 2nd year and just hanging on.
A little bright ray of pink just outside our front door, perhaps garish but very welcome on a dull day, they don't close up during gloomy November weather. Verbenna Candy Cane


Pat E

Dam no1 overflowing (left side)

Dan no 5 overflowing

Young Eucalypt flowering

Ajuga australis

Fern on rocks

Thatll  do. 


Pat beautiful views

Few views from the last visit to the allotment, there is little to show. Aftercrop sown a little late, but if the winter will be as late as in the previous years, it has time to grow up.The last, the late chrysanthemums have blossomed, last year they did not succeed. Even marigolds are ending.

Pat E

Love the autumn colours. Thanks.

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