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I will start this off-three from the past few days


Pictures from a visit to Muncaster castle gardens on Monday when the weather

was glorious

was glorious


Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I really love looking at other peoples gardens especially since I cannot visit any NGS/NT gardens due to lack of transport (I don't drive and my nearest one is more than five miles away) so always appreicate a sneek peek.  I love plants so much, I wish Monty did a program just walking around featuring plants! I'd watch.

P.S Can anyone give me tips on how to up load pictures? I get told the file is too large.


Try opening the file and then saving it as a jpeg or gif file. That often reduces the file size dramatically without noticeably affecting quality. 


You can do a direct link to photobucket or something similar as an alternative


Kate Bradbury

Lovely pics, @sotongeoff and @little-ann.

@Wintersong the maximum file size for uploading images is 1mb, so try saving them as a jpeg or gif file as @Gold1locks says, or crop them to size.



Thanks guys! I shall employ those techniques in the future.


Your Camellia is absolutely gorgeous David!


I am trying to do the same !


I will try again another time

Daniel Haynes

Reply to lilylouise and David K: I'm sorry you've had problems uploading an image. Try saving the images you want to upload onto your computer (for example, to your desktop), then, click the small tree icon and, within the 'Your computer' tab, navigate to the file on your computer, using the 'Select' tool, and click 'Upload'. The image should then appear within your message. Do let me know if you have any further difficulties.





I absolutely love that Camellia 'Waterlily', it seems more compact and graceful than 'Donation', which I wonder is a parent of it..? as they look quite similar otherwise.    I wish I had that one.

Here are some of mine in a bowl.   

Using a clock, at the top at 12 o clock - is the white 'Lady Vansittart', on it's right at about 3 is it's sport 'Yours Truly' [both from same plant],  next at about  4 is a cuspidata called 'Spring Festival', [it's also opposite at about 10].  At the bottom at 6 is 'Donation', and just up to the left of that at about 9 is 'J.C. Williams'.

The big red in the middle is 'Deep Secret' and all interspersed with Ribes odoratum.

To reduce the size of a jpeg file, which I had to do here, I did the following:-

In my 'pictures' folder if found the photo which I then highlighted, then:-

right click


[brings up 'paint box']



reduce from 100% to 70% [you might be able to get away with 80% or a bit more], but I kept to 70, then 'Save'.  Follow upload procedure after clicking on the tree icon above.

Hope you can follow all that and the photo is of some interest.   Oh, I also love that bluebell wood and the lovely Ribes at the top.  I've got one of those too called 'Koja' and I think it's gorgeous.