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i would love to grow clematis.. but it is far too windy at my place..

@lillylouise.. cant wait for you garden video this year.. it still looks good with nothing in it..

Those dahlias are beautiful! The slugs ate all mine within 24 hours of planting. I hate slugs.

David, the clematis in your damson tree is a beauty! We have a montana that almost covers an old apple tree. In fact, the tree's sole reason is now to hold the clematis up! The tree is ancient, and doesn't bear any nice fruit, but the clematis and the ivy provides nesting and roosting for load of birds.


Berghill great photos.

David they are gorgeous, do you know the variety?



David thanks I will add them to the wish list


Thanks David, I agree, it is a bit of a thug..howver, we inherited some very old fruit trees, and decided to leave them and use them a bird seed hangers and climber supports. We garden very much 'with nature', and although she does get the upper hand now and again, I do enjoy the 'wilder' side of things. It a pain keeping the weeds down in the veg and fruit garden though. It does make for a very labour intensive garden, but as I 'd much rather be in my garden than anywhere else, I don't mind! 




 Taken this morning


Beautiful photos Geoff  I love your Dahlias and the rose

Pam x


@berghill.. well enjoyed walking round your garden, i would llove that much land, thou hubby not so keen, your cat is rather a poser, sneaks into the shots when ya know looking 

i keep seeing such lovely rose on here, think i will get some and try them, thou soil not right i dont think as sandy and free draining. ALso the dahlias, i bought some fo this year but they have not really done anything.. i must admit i am a rascal for penstemons really.. and woul dlvoe nothing but in my garden, but hubbys says "varitey dear variety".. so i add some otehr cottage garden plants and it looks good, but not enough penstemons


Summer at last.







This is why I love dahlias-there are so many different ones-thanks Kate



 Hi everyone. I took a few pics this morning. I enjoy looking at other peoples photos so thought I might share a few with you.


 Through the gate.


 Mixed pot in gravel garden


 It's a lovely morning, let's hope it lasts.

reducing the pictures to fit has altered the quality, they look better if you click to enlarge


Those are nice ltg-thanks-for sharing -here are some I posted elsewhere taken today

sotongeoff wrote (see)

From today-will put them here so you can all say nice things


There are some great photos here, thanks for sharing them. I may pinch some of the idaes.

hollie hock

Hello everyone,

Been out and about  and visited a couple of gardens. Lovely places and give you so much inspiration.

My favourite out of the two has been Dewstow- Hidden gardens & grottos, what a fantastic  place.

For any one that is interested ............the garden was commissioned by Henry Oakely to the landscapers Pulham & Son, in the late C19th. After Oakely's death in the 1940s the whole garden was filled in and turned over into agricultural land during the war. The whole place was rediscovered in 2000 and the grottos dug out. I do remember Carol Klein doing a visit there, either on GW or Countryfile?

Here's some pics.............but they don't do it justice

 These are the grottos