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Pennine Petal
Mmmm, I can smell them from here David, lovely.

Hollie, great photos, what a beautiful place.
The potty gardener

David you have such lovely flowers. Thank you for sharing them

Pennine Petal

Dove Cottage Garden, Halifax yesterday. A lovely garden on a sloping site with prairie planting, nursery attached with an excellent range of hardy perennials. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.






@pennipetal.. that is so my sort of garden.. it is colourful and natural looking in formation.. loving the effect of the grasses in the bottom picture.


Great photos, I wished I lived close enough to visit.



Thanks-always nice too see your garden



Always wondered where you all displayed your garden photos. Found you.

Toojk some last year and wanted to 'show' but didn't know where

Will add in future if wind/rain/autumn/winter comes to end.


WOW just looked at Begrhill photos. Thanks for posting

Caz W

Just read your comment bj and had to have a look myself and quite agree with you


Glad you enjoyed the old homestead. The weather has played a big part in it this year. We just have not been able to keep it up to the standard we like it to be. There is always next year though.


David K, what wonderful photos.


wonderful pics folks still trawling through gallery as well makes me feel all a glow for summer



Very little colour in the garden, too wet, but thses were flowering.

 Hammamaelis Jelena

 Helleborus x hybridus

 Helleborus thibetana buds.


I looked back at the first posts. They were of shots of spring flowers. Raised the spirit