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impressed with the hellebores Berghill ours aren't doing anything yet do you take the leaves off?


Having said a few days ago that nothing was happening in the garden there are now tiny green shoots of snowdrops, daffodils and hyacinths and one white Christmas rose is flowering and a pink one has buds. Looking forward to the magnolia Leonard Messel flowering, it has buds now. Here it is last year.



BusyL it looks wonderful.


Oh Busy lizie I had one of those as a mothers day present last year. It looks lovely - how long has it taken to mature to that stage? There are a few buds.


I've had it 12 years, but it hasn't changed much in the last 3 years.



wow busyL  lovely pic we have a leonard  messel, bought with vouchers 5 years ago and i have had to nurture it.  The slugs/snails eat the buds and then last year all the buds dropped in feb/march time.   I put it in copper planter a few years ago and this seems to have tackled the molluscs it's in a big glazed pot now as I didn't want to risk the ground i'll look forward to better flowers this year


This reminded me that I was sure we had bought one. Searched through the boss's diary and yes we had. Fortunately she had also written down where i had planted it. Still took some finding though. Looking healthy. Now if only I could find the M. Yellow Birs I planted around the same time.

Amd Budlia63, I will be taking the leaves off the H. x orientalis in a few weeks time, weather permitting. The other types do not need that kind of treatment.

Lily louise i have just watched your video tour of your garden and I am sick with envy!!

will go back and look at all the other pics now


Happy New Year

I have resolved to take photos of garden on 1st of every month. Don't know if I will be able to keep it up. Rmember it is a new garden!




 This is wonderful all year. In the past dark days it blows and ripples in the wind. I have loads of it.

 This is Fairy Dell. Very much work in progress but hopefully will be completed, as much as any part of a garden is, by late spring











Just a few pics of my garden taken this morning.



I am slightly confused by this thread that jumps from 01/01/2013 post to today!

Is there two threads with similar names?


The old thead was 'shut' and a new thread for this year Garden Gallery 2013 was opened and is very active.

There are some lovely photos on this thread added to day that should be on Garden gallery 2013


The problem is we can't 'shut' threads, so people doing searches find old threads and add to them - not a problem - we can look at them and move on - we're not compiling an archive are we? We're just showing each other our pictures 


Thses are lovely pics from Mrsgarden



It's all the same thread, but all our earlier photos seem to have disappeared. Perhaps it will be OK tomorrow. When things go wrong at weekends I don't think anyone is on computer duty to fix it at GW.


I was a bit confused, it's not the same, this is the old Garden Gallery and there is a new one, Garden Gallery 2013. So Rampant Climber resurrected the old one instead of putting the photo on the 2013 one. Now I realise what Matty and Dove meant.

Am I meant to get my coat and join Verdun now?


I know I'm simple, but I got a bit confused.  There are two threads aren't there, one for 2012 and a new one started for 2013.  Have to agree with Matty that there are some beautiful photos posted on 2012 thread which should be on 2013 thread.  Don't really understand why a new thread was needed. Perhaps MrsGardener and RR can repost on 2013 thread.

I think I best get my coat............


dry cleaning offered at very reasonable rates! Well all these coats, some of them will need a clean?

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