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Daniel Haynes

Reply to David K: You're welcome! I hope you're able to upload your images - do let me know if not.

Reply to Amazing2: did you try to upload an image using the small tree icon? Dragging an image from your computer won't work - you'll need to use the tree icon. Just click that, then, within the 'My computer' tab, navigate to the image on your computer you want to upload, click 'Select', then 'Upload'. Your image should then appear.

Reply to Salino: Lovely image! And thank you for sharing your advice on reducing image sizes.


Eddie J

Ours is still very much a work in progress, and a thread of the work in progress and garden has been detailed in the design section, but briefly  the latest addition has been to finally take delivery of 20ton load of top soil to put behind the wall shown here. The garden isn't really as bare as it appears.

Current other projects include, these steps and wall.

Extending the two wildlife areas. ( 1st photo from last summer)

Veg plot last year.

And I have spent today carving another sculpture to put in the garden.


What a gorgeous camellia David! Mine has been a failure again this year - bud drop despite keeping it well watered all through summer and autumn. I suspect the severe frosts all through February.


I did find it a bit tricky as well-but also got ther in the end -the size thing flummoxed me as you then have to start all over again

Anyway- I can now say nice camellia


Eddie -this just has to be a labour of love and a bit more

 I don't like the way that caterpillar is eyeing me up


Rose Marie

Love your new sculpture Eddie!

Love camellia waterlily! I first saw it at Wisley, my older sister finally sourced one at the Eden Project, then moved to a shadeless garden in Kent so I adopted it. It's fairly happy up my back passage, unfortunately still in a pot but has put roots down into the leaf litter. Flowers just about over here in South Devon though..

I am such a numpty - I still can't manage to upload a photo

I love all the photos on here !

Pam x


Pam -I can view your photobucket album

have you tried clicking on the icon next to ABC?-where is says insert a pic or video


Thankyou Geoff and David - I will get there!

Pam x


Just playing.  I think I need to get my photots from my camera and keep them in a folder on my desktop.

if you have windows go to photo apps hit properties hit resize down to 640 or 680 hit ok hit save and then you should be able to send

Miss Bateman

My new furry hebridean friend!

Miss B x