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Three types of sempervivums (houseleeks) although I couldn't tell you their cultivars sorry, but one is the ordinary and very vigorous common type which I'm always dividing, with a bunch of the small hairy rosette type which is slower growing and the little pale coloured one at 11 o'clock was rescued from a pot infested with Vine weevils. I had one little stalk left and just stuck it in the gravel but it took well.

Gary Hobson
Berghill wrote (see)

To at  least give our catmint a fighting chance we put an upturned wire hanging basket over the plant.That way the cats do not eat it to the roots or lie on it.

I'll bear that in mind.

Incidentally, I loved your photo of your pear tree (message 99). It's not often you see a tree that old that has not been mutilated.

Eddie J

With yet another day of work lost due to rain, I decided to get the next sculpture for the garden finished and in position. True to form I have changed the design from how it looked yesterday.


Really love this one. Well done you!



Saw this little friend yesterday.


I haven't tried adding a photo on this board yet so here goes.  I took this picture of one of my orchids on Saturday.


Some cheer up photos






Daniel Haynes

Just the ticket, Wintersong, thank you. And thanks to everyone else for sharing your images - I could almost forget I'm deskbound on such a sunny day...



Gorgeous pics Wintersong

I took a few yesterday

 A couple of my Orchids are in flower


Winter, beautiful and fabulously professional photos again.  Lovely pictures Lilylou. Your garden seems like some kind of garden fantasy-land to me, where everything is always in full flower.  Both lovely, thanks Ladies.



Gorgeous Orchid and garden, KG and Lilylouise!

I especially love the Clematis Alpina, I have just planted the same thing (if not the same cultivar) against my rose arch. This year I got three beautiful bell flowers in early spring and its putting on vigorous growth. can't wait for next year

P.S. I managed to place my new Heuchera Purple Palace directly underneath the Clematis Alpina as the foliage goes really well together whilst the purple hues are awesome against the blue flowers. For once, I placed a plant reasonably quickly!



You do take some smashing pctures and always put me to shame

The garden looks lovely and especially the tulips

And of course well done everybody else!!



Gorgeous photos thanks Yvie!

I adore hosta leaves when they first begin to unwrap and your featured Clematis is just divine!


Hi folks! Not taken many photos in April due to horrendous weather conditions. Managed to take this at the weekend. It's the 'mystery' aquilegia which I think Yvie and/or Lilylouise identified:

And some rather bedraggled bearded irises:

 Hopefully the weather will continue to improve, and things will actually start growing!!


Put away the face of shame Geoff!  Your pictures are as lovely as everyone elses.

Thank you all for your kind comments.

Lorea, I think it was Lilylou that identified that mystery Aquilegia.  I'd really like that one.  It would go well with my other, darker ones.  Chuck us some seeds!



As was rightly suggested Yvieh, it must have self-seeded from the one I planted last year - the flowers on that one are much bluer (that doesn't look right) than this one though. If this one self-seeds I suppose the flowers will be different again

Aquilegias are a promiscuous lot, aren't they? I got a lovely pure white one a couple of years ago, no idea who the parents were!