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thanks for that Little -Ann. Interesting reading. And nice to see an " ex" of mine , who shall remain nameless, won an award.



..that's really interesting little-ann thank you.... I hope you don't mind but this may be a more direct link to it here...

...I see Daniel Haynes was a finalist in the Digital Media Awards section, won by Graham Rice... I often read his blogs...

..actually, they were in different groups within that section, I should add... Mr Haynes in the web site awards...


No problem Salino I used a link the anxious gardener posted on Facebook i Follow his garden and walking blog 


...I like the look of some of those books that made it to the final... would make a nice gift for someone..

...I shall now look up 'anxious gardener' on Facebook, see if I like what he does or not... thanks little-ann for that...

...and I wonder who the ex of Hostafan would be....I do like a bit of



Thanks Ann have enjoyed checking out who won what 



...that's gone into my 'Favourites'... I love his site...

..if anyone enjoys plants in pots you might like to have a look at these.... all sorts going on here... lovely Acer's...succulents...  such beautiful photos too..

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