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Great pictures Berghill.  Envious of those snowdrops.  Good to see conifers there conifers.  And hellebores another of my favourites.  However, loads to come too I see.  


Looking good B.L.


Great stuff Berghill - the picture threads are my favourites



Wow!   Snowdrops in abundance, just beautiful.

Gorgeous snowdrops! Here's a couple from my garden this week, not so bleak midwinter!



Hellebores and snowdrops very slow this year. Much colder.







Does the conservatory count?





Great pictures,  Kelsbels,  Lizzie & LYN .  

BERGHILL.   Really enjoyed your photo slide.  The snowdrops are amazing, and so many.  Particularly love the wide lawn paths with planting either side.   I bet it looks fantastic in the summer months.  Do you have any help as it's such a big garden and so much in it. ?  

Kelsbels, is your pink flower a camelia? It's very pretty 

and Berghill, thanks for the slideshow tour of your garden. It's huge! Do you have help to maintain it all? It looks more than one person could manage! Fantastic snowdrop display but my favourite was the deep coloured hellebore. Gorgeous !

Victoria Sponge

Great pics guys - your gardens are fab. Glad to see another garden pics thread


The garden is just under an acre and it is all down to myself and my wife. It helps being retired with the time element.

Daryl2, it's actually a patio rose with one bud which is hanging on for dear life through the frost, wind & snow! Amazing!


Great pics keep them coming 


Your hellebores are lovely Lyn and so too are everyone elses pictures - my garden looks so sad at the moment I'm too ashamed to take a picture. 

Brave little rose! 


Had a wonder round the garden this morning and found this little beauty.  Its Hellebore Neon Star.  I bought it from Ashwoods and planted it in the Autumn.