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As suggested by Nora GW, a new gardening pics thread. I will add once I get outside, until then, have a great 2016 in the garden and looking forward to all of your lovely photos. X

Just jumped out and took a few pics although not too much going on at mo 



hope it helps start things off .



Just popped out in the wind and rain with my camera

Cyclamen coum


Snowdrop bud

 Hellebore Mrs Betty Rannicar

 Purple sprouting broccoli

 Rhubarb Timperley Early

 and a bunch of local daffodils from the farm shop







Nut that looks lovely, and very green and spring-like - you've certainly been busy


Thanks Dove

The waters aren't still and reflecting today

Some Snow pictures to come ?


not here GWRS, we had a few white bits in the rain and now the sun's out


Didn't last long Dove but clearish out there now, I can see the moon. Very cold and windy


Daphne 'Jacqueline Postill' out early.... these are from Dec. 29.


Not a gardening picture as such (although my garden is in the foreground) but the light this morning was awesome for a couple of minutes before the sleet started.



Chrissy the gardener

 Not plants but pheasants, the ones that got away from the last shoot.Hopefully they will stay safe for a bit longer.


Bumping up for Ginger 

Those are great pix Chrissy and DEnd 


Been for a wander round my garden in the drizzle - here are the bits that made me smile






....and there's more (I smile a lot