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Lovely pictures Busy Lizzie, my sister and brother in law have said what a nice show it is. A bonus if the crowds followed Charles and Camilla.

We had a family trip to Sandringham last week before the flower show. We did the optional garden tour and picked the 2pm one which includes the walled garden. Most of the walled garden isn't accessible because it is used by the stud farm but what there is was interesting. There was a newly planted herbaceous border that was done well.

Outside of the walled garden was lovely too...

Another great garden to visit in Norfolk is the National Trust's Felbrigg Hall walled garden. 

A lavatera I was particularly fond of...

The dove house used to hold hundreds of doves, kept for their eggs and meat...


We went to Felbrigg last September, one of the best walled gardens. Houghton Hall is another huge and lovely one. I posted photos on GW then.

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Haven't had time for Hindringham this time, but thank you for telling us about it.

We went to The Old Vicarage at East Ruston on Friday. Have been before, last year in June, different flowers out now.


Photo with all the verbena is beautiful BL.

Is that where you met the elderly owner/gardener on your last visit?


It's lovely to see photos of those Norfolk gardens - so beautiful!  Thank you.


Joyce, we did meet the owner, not that old, on our last visit, but not this time.

Went to Giverny, Monet's garden yesterday, beautiful, will have lots of photos when I've sorted them.


Giverny, Monet's Garden. The Lake, which is on the other side of the road to the garden.


lovely BL.  Green and serene with splashes of colour which is what I like in a garden.

LG the L

Lovely pictures, both Norfolk and Giverney. I'm reading on my phone at the moment - looking forward to a proper look later.



Wonderful.  Thanks everyone for sharing - and taking all that time to upload so many great pics!

Gorgeous pictures everyone - this thread is like having a lovely coffee table book to peruse. 


Giverny looks great - fantastic photos.  Really whetted my appetite for next May now 


Ah. Spring photos of Giverny, Chicky


Really beautiful photos - from everyone   

I love the formal ponds in BL's  pix.

Hope you get a good day for photos when you go too chicky