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I'll kick off this thread with today's trip to Harlow Carr, near Harrogate in North Yorks.

It's run by the RHS, in a cold area noted for wind.  The area undulates, with a stream, lake, and woodland, as well as a lot of different garden areas.  The soil is acid and there are lovely rhododendrons at this time of year.  Geoffrey Smith designed the stream garden many years ago, and it's beautiful - lots of candelabra primulas will be out in a few weeks.  There's also a large, sloping double herbaceous border, an alpine house, vegetable garden, students' beds and various trial grounds, and a teaching centre.

Here are a few photos - not that many cos it was too cold to take off my gloves!

Tulips - the last photo taken in a garden designed by Dermot Gavin.  Not a colour combination I'd use, I think...

Tree paeonies - sorry, not named.


...and some more:

Enkianthus campanulatus

A lot of the camellias had been frosted, but not all...

Camassia meadow

Trillium simile

Beautiful little things in the Alpine House

Woven willow seat

Prunus serrula trunk (with Betula jacquemontii in the background).

Captivating pictures Liri!  that tree bark is amazing! Sounds like a lovely, if not chilly day! Thanks for taking your gloves off to share pictures with us! 


Lovely photos Liri. I was wondering if there was a garden visit thread yesterday.

We went to Fairhaven Water Gardens yesterday, really more like a walk in pretty woodlands with a Norfolk Broad next door and a bluebell wood over the road. I posted a couple of pics on Forkers.


Hazel -1

We are hoping to visit Harlow Carr  this summer Lori. It's quite near where we live ..

meant to go last year but never made it. After seeing your lovely pictures I am really looking forward to our day out. Plenty of colour and beautiful scenery. Can't wait!


It's well worth a visit, Hazel.  

Lovely primulas, BL!


RHS Wisley & Saville Gardens, Windsor. Pics end of March


Lovely, Mark.  

I was last at Wisley 37 years ago...  it's a fair trek from here, but I must try to get there one day.  Meanwhile, it's great to share your photos - thanks!


Gorgeous, Mark. For a second I thought the camellias were roses! Last time I went there it was summer.

Beaus Mum

What gorgeous pics everyone.  I now want to go to all these gardens! 


We'll have some photos from Kew in July, BM - can't wait!  

Beaus Mum

And a bit warmer I hope  looking forward to it too x


Thanks for sharing.  Lovely photos.

Hazel - if I lived near Harlow Carr I'd be teher every couple of weeks saoking up plants and ideas and probably raiding the plant shop for some little something.  As it is, I was there just the once in 2007 after the RHS Tatton show and was enchanted.   

Same with Wisley.  Years since I've had time for a proper visit to the gardens but if I have a couple of hours to spare on the way to or from the Channel I pop in for a quickie.    Entry to all the RHS gardens is free to RHS members and one guest.


Thank you all for the kind comments. It is more than worth the visit, I'll be popping down there again in June/July for the largest herbaceous borders I've ever seen! 

Saville Gardens is another stunner, especially for the Rhodos late May/early June

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Ooh, thanks for those links, Lizzie!  


Beautiful BL  can't wait to go back!


Today we went to Anglesey Abbey, near Cambridge. Too late for snowdrops and daffodils, obviously, but the parkland and trees were beautiful. The herbaceous garden was full of future promise and some plants had started to flower. The rose garden was only at the leaf stage.  There was some beautiful bark in the winter garden. We had a look around the lovely house too.