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Poor Gary, bet he wished he hadnt wrote in ha ha, I listen to GQT on fridays or on my iPad if I miss it, I wait until I decide to clean my kitchen floor or something then I can forget my chores and enjoy the program. I think

I do think that amateur gardeners like us should protest to the bbc or itv about the lack of knowledgable gardening program's on tv. I get very frustrated following Carol around grand gardens pointing out the flows and sways of this and that plant and one or two tips on propagating. Why cant they dedecate an hours program in Carol or Montys or Bobs shed answering questions and demonstrating as many problems as possible.
I think Bob Flowerdew is down to earth and very practical, apart from the excessive recycling he is my kind of gardener .
i think the lack of ordinary down to earth gardening tips is extremely lacking.
Ok said my piece I'll go clean a cupboard or dig a hole now.

Latin names aren't 'fancy' - they're a sure-fire way of describing a plant and what family it comes from and therefore what sort of growing conditions etc it's likely to need.  

Common names vary from region to region and can cause confusion but the correct Latin names are international and very helpful.

I know that occasonally they change, but that is because of increased understanding about the 'famly' the plant is from.  

It's a shame when people decry something useful because of a sort of  inverted snobbery. 

Dove is right. Latin names are v important. I used to feel pompous asking for plants by their Latin names but now I don't. You get the exact plant you want with it's description built into it's name. Common names are often used for a number of plants and you could quite easily end up with the wrong one
Oh, and GQT is, I repeat, a lovely prog to listen to. We need more gardening progs on tv and radio but I do wish there was one dedicated to giving more advanced info and advice

It annoys me when plants aren't given their proper names. If you want to buy or look up a specific plant it's not much use only having the family name, and from experience the common name might not be that much use either.



I listen to GQT via iPlayer when I'm cooking/ eating my lunch during the week as I'm rarely around when it's actually on the radio.

When I was at work though, I'd always try and time my lunch /tea break so that I could sit and listen to it on my phone. Antisocial- yes. Worth it? Yes.

The good thing I find when listening to it on iPlayer is that when one of the panel mentions a name of something intersting, or gives some detailed advice, I can stop it, go back and listen to it again and again and again, until I've managed to get it written down.

Since my wind up radio packed up, I don't listen as much as I used to. I would schedule a greenhouse potter for Sunday afternoon, and listen, potter, learn and laugh. So I've just sourced a solar powered DAB radio...

I llistened to the Anniversary of the first recording, edition today. It brought back many memories of those wonderful gardeners who have given us the range of their knowledge, in such an entertaining way over the years. Like others I have listened for a long time. I have learnt much and enjoyed the cheerful banter between the panel members and chairmen( only 8 since 1947). Long may it continue


The Broadoak Hotel public house is our daughter & family's local in Ashton-under-Lyne, and we pass it every time we go to see them.  There is a blue plaque on the pub wall, and a memorial garden on the opposite side of the road, beautifully maintained by the Council.  We enjoyed the mix between 1947 and today.  Long may it continue and I hope to be listening to the 100th anniversary programme - I shall be very old and very gnarled by then.


I'm a big fan - I download it as a podcast and then listen when the sun has gone down and I've had to come indoors.  It makes sorting and folding the family's washing an almost enjoyable task !

hollie hock

I've caught a few snippet's for the first time over the last few months. I've started listening to Radio 4 lately.whilst I'm driving even giving audio books ago.............must be an age thing. There's some great stuff on Radio 4

Even listened to The Archers


As I was saying elsewhere only yesterday - R4 is my companion of choice when home alone   A National Treasure!!!

I first listened to GQT a few years ago when I took a day off work to do some painting and had radio 4 on all day. And then occasionally had it on in the car - unplanned. Got an iPad a few months ago and since then have had my weekly instalment via iplayer. I love it. As a novice gardener, I learn a few new things each week. Plus (don't shout at me!) it helps me get to sleep!!! If I can't sleep I put it on, and soon enough I'm relaxed and on my way to land of nod. Next day I pick up from where I dropped off and listen to the rest!
kate1123 wrote (see)

There is some very interesting research on the different ways people learn. I believe that learning by just listening is quite a challenging skill. Most of us need to learn by watching a demonstration, hence the popularity of cookery shows.

I assumed that the people who are talented listeners are a more exclusive group and that is why it is rarely referred to on this forum.

I listen twice when I can but I think over 90% of what I hear goes in one ear and out the other! However, over the many years I have listened some information has seeped in and stayed.

Hollie, The Archers??? That way madness lies -  I know, I am infected. ;- )

figrat wrote (see)
Since my wind up radio packed up, I don't listen as much as I used to. I would schedule a greenhouse potter for Sunday afternoon, and listen, potter, learn and laugh. So I've just sourced a solar powered DAB radio...

I've just bought a solar DAB radio too (on Toby Buckland's advice, no less) so now there's no stopping me listening to GQT whilst on the plot. I love it and often listen to it twice - once live and then again whilst driving to work throughout the week. Is that sad?!



Sad?  I don't think so - it's the sort of thing I've been doing since I was a teenager (I even went to a live recording when I was 17), and I'm one of the happiest people I know  

phew! I'd love to go to a live recording, perhaps I need to get my village on to it 


It was my Mum's WI who hosted it - I think they'd been on the waiting list for 15  years - you'll have to tell your village to book ahead 


I went to a recording about 4yrs ago when they were in St Ives. I met Chris Beardshaw and Anne Swithinbank, 2 of my favourites They recorded 2 programmes in the evening and when they were broadcast one was said to be from St Ives and the other from West Cornwall.....sneaky things  It was a super evening 

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