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Gardeners' Question Time on Radio 4 has been a fixture in my life since I was a teenager when I went with my mother to a recording of the programme.  I try to listen every week - usually to the Sunday afternoon broadcast as I currently work full-time, although I'm looking forward to retirement in the not too distant future when I'll be able to listen on Friday afternoons.

I've learnt so much from the various experts on GQT - one of my best memories is of the wonderful late Geoffrey Smith desribing how he would plant a shady garden.

I'm surprised that the programme is rarely referred to on this Forum - does anyone but me ever listen any more?


I've only recently started to listen to it, I find it informative, occasionally funny and over-all very enjoyable.

You really do have to seek out gardening shows though.

I have listened to it for many years now, and the thing I have learnt from it is that there isn't any one answer to a problem.    The experts often have different views.

Oh, Geoffrey Smith.    What a wonderful gardener he was, and he spoke with such a passion for his subject!

Yes I try to tune in to GQT on a sun afternoon but often miss it. It's the best gardening treat. I enjoy bob flowerdew but would not want his garden, I like my tidiness too much for that. But he is the most "talented" I think
Gary Hobson

I do possess a wireless set, but never ever use it. I believe you can pick up wireless stations on modern TVs. I haven't really tried doing that.

Even so, I certainly wouldn't want to watch or listen to a gardening program on a weekend afternoon. I'd much rather be outside in the garden.

Unless you're thinking of listening outside while in a deckchair. In that case I'd regard the noise as more of a public nuisance.

From what people say, it would seem that the program is interesting, possibly as interesting as GW, and very good balanced advice is given. But the medium is outdated, IMO.



An outdated one here! Radio is my favourite medium. Have listened to GQT since forever. 'Fred Lodes, Bill Sowerbutts and Professor Alan Gemill' is a kind of litany remembered from my young days. I find it informative and entertaining. I tend to listen to both broadcasts as I don't always pay 100% attention.

Gary, you don't have to use crystal sets any more, you can get pocket sized radios that you carry around and little headphones to wear so you don't create a public nuisance ;- )  If you miss the programme and you have the wherewithal to connect to a computer you can download the podcast and listen again on the move. Outdated? !! Not to me.

Yep, I listen to it whilst trucking along in my rig. If I miss it because I'm delivering, I listen again on the iplayer through my iPad plugged into the truck radio, ahhhh the wonders of 21 st century technology

There is some very interesting research on the different ways people learn. I believe that learning by just listening is quite a challenging skill. Most of us need to learn by watching a demonstration, hence the popularity of cookery shows.

I assumed that the people who are talented listeners are a more exclusive group and that is why it is rarely referred to on this forum.

I listen to Radio 4 Gardners Question time most weeks.  Some local BBC radio stations also have good gardening programmes - I listen to BBC R.Leicester Down to Earth which is on most Sundays at 12.00. I like that because it is more general to the area to my home. I've picked up very helpful tips from both programmes.  Maggie


I listen every week, I really look forward to it 


It's on at daft times for gardeners with families so I rarely listen but I do sometimes remember to listen on my PC when I'm doing dance club admin.

Gary, you can record gardeners question time. Do you,have digital tv and recorder? You record radio progs just as you,with tv programmes. I wouldn't,want to be sitting indoors either,on lovely,sunday afternoon.

Geoffrey Smith is the reason I got into gardening, I was absolutely enthralled by his enthusiasm and love of tiny alpines.  I was all of 15 years old when I fist saw this programme on TV. He was an inspiration to many people.

I also think gardeners question time is brilliant and funny. I like to listen to it in the shed!


Wasn't he just truly wonderful?  OH knew that Mr Smith was his only rival 


Peat B

GQT, is an amusing prog, but sometimes I think that the panel are on a different planet, with all the fancy latin names popping up here and there. I am not impressed by this, BUT I  do enjoy the 'crack'. They said last week, NEVER grow garlic on a north facing slope. I  grow my garlic on a well north facing slope, and it does quite well thank you, so all the professional advice can be taken with a pinch of growmore.  I treat the prog like a recipe. Get an idea, then vamp it from there. Heap good compost there Kemo Sabay.

Peat B

Onwards and upwards !


I love garden's question time and have listened to it since i was small as my mum had radio 4 on constantly

I love having the radio on, on a sunday when I am down the allotment But I am subscribed to the podcast as well and  if i have missed it (which is more likely then not) will listen during the week when  I am sat working looking out my window wishing I was gardening rather then sorting out my VAT return