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Hi  I would like to take this time to say how i have enjoyed Gardeners World this year 

I believe it is all because of Monty  He is a great gardener and Makes you watch him 

Keep up the good work Monty  

The last great Gardening presenter was Geoff Halmilton who i miss  

So Happy Christmas Monty and the team 


I have to say I have really enjoyed Gardeners World, and the Christmas Special on Friday was very good. I really miss it when its not on. Monty you are brilliant, well done. I have to agree with Gracelane, Geoff Hamilton was also a great gardening presenter and greatly missed.

Happy Christmas to you all.  

Daniel Haynes

Thanks Graceland and donutsmrs, we'll pass on your wishes to the programme team. Happy Christmas to you both, also.

I am new to gardening and started watching gardeners world late in the year but I absolutely love it and it has helped me so much. Monty and the team are great. Will be making sure I dont miss it next year. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all.

I agree about Monty Don and the rest of the team but I do think that Toby Buckland was very good too I just think that the format was wrong which wasn't his fault. I used to enjoy a programme he did some years ago with his wife Lisa. It was called Garden Magic. Don't know if anyone else remembers it? I do miss Gardeners World when it's not on it's such a feelgood programme.



Being a great deal older than Monty I worry for him when he tackles thorny things without gloves on and pray his tetanus jab is up to scratch(sorry!).  I check he has stout boots on too.  It can't be because I distrust his abilities as a gardener because of his good looks, since the excellent gardeners at the Bristol Botanic garden are all very bonny, but something brings out the mother instinct in me when he is on!

Am I the only person who thinks we gardeners are discriminated against in favour of the cooks amongst us?    There are cookery programmes almost every single day, all year round, on the television.    How often are there gardening programmes?    The balance is all wrong!!!


I agree, you have to search but they are there, gardengirl6.  The three part series on Botany from Oxford University Botanic  garden was very good and the one on Hidcote.  I love to see really exotic gardens in other parts of the world too and in places where gardening and growing vegetables is almost essential for living, like in Cuba.  The spices series I really enjoyed.



Hello from Belgium,

I've been looking at Gardeners' World for some ten years.  Monty is the best, but Titchmarsh was incredible as well.

I agree with the comments made by Patrevlil about Toby Buckland. I found him to be an excellent presenter, very down to earth and ideal for older the novice gardener who has alot of catching-up to do and alot to learn. Please bring him back in some guise or other, either as part of Gardeners World or presenting a new garden series as Gardengirl6 states above to improve the number of gardening series on television.  


Toby was ok But there were loads better   Sorry !!  >

Who are the loads better than Toby Buckland, Graceland? Alan Titchmarsh of course is great, also Monty. But other than the Gardeners World team ( Joe etc) who else is there? I agree that there aren't enough gardening programmes on TV. Would like some on in the Winter as well.

Percy Thrower

Geoff Hamilton

Alan Titchmarsh

Arthur Billitt

Monty Don

all better than  

Toby Buckland but he was ok  



The Gardeners World Christmas Special was excellent, i allways enjoy G W programmes irrespective of  who presents them, in my opinion it is the content that matters. Like most gardeners i am already experiencing withdrawal symptoms now that the G  W  season has come to a end.however i have three Geoff Hamilton c'ds featuring cottage, paradise, and ornamental kitchen gardens which  are a great source of inspiration.

Seasons greetings to all at G W  

I would like to agree with gardengirl6 there are not enough gardening programmes on TV.  The programme schedulars seem to think gardeners have no interest in gardening in the winter.  What about programmes about planning a garden in the winter which is when most gardeners do think about the next seasons' planting.

GW is fine as far as it gooes but does not really get down to the nitty gritty, we need a programme for beginners and a programme for established gardeners with new planitng suggestions.  The programmes would not have to be long just have more interesting content.  And please next time can we have less shots of Monty trapsing up and down his hedged beds with the dog.  He must have more garden than that.


Anyone Remember the half hour  Lunch time Program Gardening Time  With Howard Dury ????

<p class="MsoNormal">I much preferred Gardeners World with Tony Buckland, Monty does not inspire me as  Tony once did. I think he was removed because of ratings and wingers, whatever the politics I do not enjoy Gardeners World as much as I use too but that again could be due to content.

Peat B

As I am semi-retired, I find that spare time is at a premium these days. Northumberland gets dark quite quikly at this time of the year, relatively, to say Surrey, and even Herefordshire, so, I tend to let the lotty go rest in peace for about three months. The mustard green manure is waving in the winter gales, and sunflower heads are providing refuge for whatever bugs care to use them. I see no takers so far !! 

The Monty v Buckland squabble will rumble on, and I find Bucky was a likeable feller, and more dare I say, 'down to earth' than Monty, who seems to have an unlimited amount of financial wedge behind him, twisting the TV company to support his own garden. I am not 'AGAINST' Monty, but not with him either. I just don't connect with the vast resources he has.