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I agree with Edd!  I think the problem with lots of TV programmes these days is that the people who produce/organise them aren't in any way personally involved with the subject they deal with.  This is bound to result in the sort of arty-farty shots which we see in lots of programmes, where what we really want to see are clear and steady close-up shots of what the presenter is actually doing.  It's so easy to blame whoever "fronts" these programmes - they probably have no real  "say" in what is eventually transmitted. 

 A few years ago I was present when one of those "property programmes" was being made, and it was interesting to see what finally ended up on my TV screen!  At least one of the shots was repeated four times...........  I'm sure the car involved didn't actually go down that particular bit of lane as often as that!


BBC 2 are looking for 'talented amateur kitchen gardeners' for a programme called The Allotment Challenge.  The closing date for applying is 13th March.  Anyone like a go?  You can find details by looking on 'Be on a Show' (BBC).  I'm sure there must be some one on the forum who could be brilliant at this.  

Thanks guys, if it hadn't been for your comments I wouldn't have realised the actual programme lost sound. I thought it was a fault on my freeview recorder. Thought it was a sorting out job for tomorrow and now I don't have to do it. I'll re record The repeat.

I missed the repeat this morning but caught it on Iplayer. The wet garden item is quite interesting although there were lots of plant close ups with no accompanying names so a lot of the time most people would have had no idea what was in the garden.

Monty did give some specifics in his lead up to Joe's piece and that was quite good.

At least I have seen it (or rather, heard it) now.

Beechgrove gardens returns on 6 April. I only discovered this last year when BBC2 picked it up from BBC Scotland. Excellent programme with enough technical bits, planting guidance, seed trials etc to keep me happy. With this and GW my garden TV is complete.



We currently have James Martin on food and cooking 5 days a week plus Mary Berry on Mondays and Saturday Kitchen on Saturdays plus Best of on Sundays and the Hairy Bikers on Thursdays.  

It seems to me that we could do with a similar spread of programmes on gardens and gardening promoting good techniques, how to make life easier and how to manage our ingredients - soil, weather, time, local climate, plants and equipment.  I'd be happy with a few prcatical gardening repeats too but not the A to Z they're churning out again here and there.  There were some lovely programmes on front garden design in the past as well as GH's special series and AT's How to series.

I did eventually watch the repeated GW this afternoon but I fell asleep.............  Kept it though so I can watch the bog garden again.  That was fab and I just happen to have a bog that needs sorting.

Heather Michaels

Grr missed it. Hadn't realised it was back on. Thank goodness for iPlayer!

You didn't miss much imo.

As far as Beechgrove is concerned, if you have FreeSat you can watch it in the UK as it is being transmitted in Scotland.
Steve 309

I also thought it was my telly on the blink.  Glad it wasn't.  And caught the BBC Wales transmission on Saturday too.  Didn't think of subtitles!

And I agree about time-wasting shots.  I want to see (and I suppose I'm in the majority here?) how to do things.  This means lots of close-ups of hands doing them, v. little of talking heads (especially the awful Carol! (ducks!)) and even less dog.

Monty's great (the repeat of his Desert Island Discs on R4Extra last week brought tears to my eyes) but it's the tasks that are really important.

flowering rose

lovely to have the programme back but the sound went and spoiled it .


I think its unlikely there will be a gardening programme thats purely "how to" and still have it occupying a peak slot on a Friday evening.

Personally I look forward to the programme and it signals the start of a new gardening year.


indeed so David K. The actions of a rank amateur exposed as such.


Really liked yesterday programme was recording it as well but recorder messed up no signal, so thanks for letting all know about the repeat Sunday morning will try to re tune dvd player then record again

Love the sweet peas and will start my seeds of this week and the garden in Cornwall so beautiful

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