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Highland Jeannie
Verdun wrote (see)
 I would like a gardening programme for those of us with a bit more than basic knowledge, plant associations, info about new plants, etc. Garden newbies will still find such a programme interesting I think

That's an interesting idea Verdun, during the winter they could do some "teaching" to cover various levels of knowledge/experience. Perhaps how to plan projects & show how to make things, the way that Geoff did.

The potty gardener

I would just like to see gardens that had been filmed earlier in the year. Like the first series of love your garden, before it became a makeover show.

David K wrote (see)

Still on the 'hibernating' theme, we were once again reminded to check our bonfires for hibernating hedgehogs.......anyone tell me how that supposed to work?

Anyway, baked hedgehog is supposed to be delicious!!!!

Probably a bit late now, but didn't you ever watch Blue Peter?  

They taught my generation that you don't build your bonfire until The Day - you accumulate your materials and then construct the bonfire - they showed us how to build a bonfire that would light well and not collapse dangerously - and in this way if a hedgehog had identified the pile of rubbish as an ideal hibernaculum he would be discovered/disturbed by the rebuilding, not the flames!


I think its about time for a new presenter on GW as Monty Don sometimes well actually alot of the time talks alot of twaddle and thats putting it mildy. He literally says things that arnt true which I dont think is a lot of help to new gardeners whereas old gardeners just ignore him. Theres no excitement in the program any more as its just the usual things year in year out and some of us need abit more than that. Carol Kliens giggling gets on my pip but at least what she says is quite often very informative. I wld love to sit on a winters evening watching GWs that were made in the Spring and Summer but I cant even watch them on the IPlayer as the miserable BBC have even taken them off now.

Well, it seems that quite a few of us are unhappy with the lack of gardening programmes available to us so what can we do. Does anyone know how to organise a petition to the beeb? I'm sure that we would get a lot of people to join us. Surely we deserve a little more than 30 minutes a week and not even all year round. David K, really must agree with you, the garden that the blind woman had made was beautiful, puts mine to shame. This is what we need, inspirational gardeners


There are quite a few old GW programmes on Youtube. Just type in Geoff Hamilton + gardening or Alan Titchmarsh. Good luck.

Muvs Dashwood

Personally I would like to see real peoples gardens (in Britain) and hear their ideas, some from the NGS would be great. Monty's garden is a very wealthy persons and I miss Geoff's budget versions. There was a lady early in the season who had amazing ideas for wildlife and I would like see more people who have a real depth of knowledge about things not just Joe Swift whittering about vistas.

This thread reminds me of the dicussions (arguments) we used to have on the BBC board, and it's good to see a bit of healthy debate as long as it doesn't descend to personal comments such as those of galest about CK. Neither have I identified many things that MD has said which galest asserts are not true, although it would be interesting to have some examples to discuss.

I guess the thing about winter programmes is that they would not be particularly visually interesting, which is an essential aspect of TV. And there are usually some garden-related programmes scattered through the winter

I'm inclined to agree with David K that the last programme was a treat, and a good way to sign off for the winter. 

So it's a case of listening to GQT over a bowl of winter soup.



I think the lack of gardening programmes is down to that old perennial "ratings". TV stations seem obsessed with them. Now, if they could make a gardening reality show they'd have a winner! How about; I'm a gardener, get me out there.

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