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In case anyone has missed the news, Chris Beardshaw has been invited to join the presenters of   Beechgrove. Looking forward to April. I now live in the north of England and find the programme very relevant, however when I lived in the South I still found much to enjoyabout the programme.

Did anyone find out / know which iPad app Joe used to design the cottage garden?
jatnikapyar wrote (see)

I have been watching Beechgrove and it is on the same lines except that it has more trials on Composts etc. which is useful. Some stuff is OK for us living down south, but mostly it caters for the colder areas up north. IT starts on the 4th of April @ 7.30 hrs. nationwide on BBC 2. Enjoy

Not strictly true- in Scotland on the 4th April--rest of the country -the following Sunday

The potty gardener

I live on the south coast and still enjoy beechgrove. I enjoyed Joes bit on GW

There's an app called "paper by fifty three" which is supposed to turn an IPad into a sketchbook. Haven't used it but perhaps it's the one that Joe used. Apparently it's a free app but you have to pay for extras.


I found out what these early snowdrops I've been seeing are called and will be investing in some.  I am inspired to plant a wintersweet or winter honeysuckle.  I realised I need to get on with my chilli seeds and I found out what to underplant my peony with  - pulmonaria.  All in all I'm very happy.

Caz W
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Has anyone worked out how much that path would cost, just dig down 2 to 3 feet deep, anyone know anyone with a mini digger prepared to work for nothing, then fill with hardcore, know anyone with a few hundred tons to spare, fill with the nice new grey stuff, still, the bricks were recycled.

We also wondered how much the new raised bed area cost too.

hollie hock

I think Monty was showing a "professional job" with the path, if he didn't that would have been also wrong. It did look good though.

I think the brick path he was showing was a job that you would pay a lot of money for and would last you a life time. If you wanted to do it yourself then I know the cost would be a lot less. A lot bricks yes, but no need in my opinion for that much extra cost.

As for the raised beds,they are easily made out of palletts, free if you want to go and get them.


And where did MD put the dug out soil - I would have trouble disposing of it - how many skips and he was digging down into clay mud.

Geoff Hamilton explains path making on a more realistic scale, see his video though I'm sure someone will find it on i-player.

His raised beds were from sleepers - none of it was really realistic for the average persons garden or wallet in time of recession

i'm new to this gardenig lark. i (now) like GW because it tries to be all things to all people - which can never happen. Presenters have their own style but i like them all (its not for long) its not just montys garden or wondering - its everything. at my stage of learning i could do with more basic veg stuff - but its early yet.

i like details my self when learning, but i can work out the rest if necessary. if i own 5 acres and dig out sevral veg beds i can reuse the soil! no cost. not every one can- but it doesnt need to be commented on every time.

i'm having a patio laid. plenty of people told me it was easy, just sand, a waker plate and slabs. i live in a new build with a rubbish clay garden that has sunk in places and has many drain covers. i am so glad i paid a ardener. its take him 3 days to lay the patio. i'd still be there next chritsmas.

i hope the people who comment on here realise some of us didnt have parents to learn gardening from. we also use the web alot and we dont rely on the first answer and ask again, we search and research. but there is nothing like having a response from someo one who knows.

you guys are the most helpful forum ive ever seen (not just gardening) i can read a diary and i can read the web. so please help or dont comment xx


hollie hock

I'm going to have to disagree with you Rosa. Raised beds are very easily made out of palletts, which are free and easy to come by and very realistic for the average persons garden/wallet, I should know, I'm one of them.

The point I was trying to make is that whilst Monty might have been doing things "with money no object" it was still inspiring, You can do the same in your own garden for a fraction of the cost. I don't believe that you have to dig 3 foot with a mini digger to lay a path and I also know that you don't have to numerous skip to take the soil away. I've landscaped my own garden last year. Most of the garden is built from free recyled stuff

I'm too young to have watched Geoff Hamiliton on GW, time and people move on




Hi all it's a late night or an early morning, but anyway, I did like the double raised bed that Monty had ,but I think I would use scraped scaffolding boards they cost between €2 and €4 each not very expensive , if you want to build a garden path but don't want the expense dig out your path to 10 or 12 " secure boards either side and fill with builders sand to a dept of 6" pack it well and lay your cobble or reclaimed brick on it and tapper down ,fill gaps with dry sand cement 6 to 1 mix .



I bought GeoffHamilton DVDs this year off Amazon, on recommendation from gardeners on this forum, nothing to do with being too young

I to recycle what I can, have built raised beds from a cheap kit, my point is that these days there is not a lot of money around and that making thngs within the reach of the majority using, like you, recycled things and watching the spend would make more realistic. MD is supposed to be guiding gardeners on how to do things - surely the remit for the programme - he should take into account the small average garden.  The way Derek has suggested for a path is surely what new gardeners want to know., not dig out 3ft etc.

Asyou said a fraction of the costn but if it is a newbie gardener it is not so helpful


I really enjoyed it -  thought there was some good idea's, which, with a little imagination could be transfered into any money pocket. I don't have much money, so look for recycled items from skips and I've come away with amazing things, timber, stones, blocks etc. I don't care what people think, either.

I've made loads of raised beds out of pallets and although they're not as pretty as the ones Monty used, they can be made to look reasonable with a £10 tin of wood preserver.

The programme is really about taking elements/ideas and making them into your own. I really like programmes which go a little OTT because all I have do is downsize the "grander idea"  which makes my garden better than your average square blocked lawn in the centre of 2 flower borders.

Grand OTT ideas are great and I like Monty's style !!


Hi I took this picture this morning on my plot the frame above is a box hinged on the 4 corners which makes it collapsible it makes it ideal for raised beds , the hinge pin can be knocked out and then joined to another one ,they are also stackable .and they can be found in your nice friendly hare ware store delivery area , or Factory I got mine fom where I used to work



I think the two previous posts say it all. Just adapt the ideas the Monty demonstrates to suit your own pocket and remember that Monty has been down on his luck in the past as anyone who has read his books would know! Monty does it his way, Geoff did it his way and Alan did likewise. Just take what you want from their advice no need to take offence!



Hi again ,two pictures of "cheep path" I constructed the path from 3x1" timber found in a skip and bought 12 mts of good quality weed control fabric €20 and bark chippings @€3 in Aldi each . the thing at the bottom is the only shelter from the elements ,there was no digging involved






flowering rose

lovely to see nigel and chickens and of course the gang at gardeners world.


Yes I did laugh a little when I saw monty's raised beds, even my wife said Monty has copied you! (Which was a very rare compliment!) Mine are made from scaffold boards, but, having seen the slabbing and brickwork around his beds, that is some serious cash gone in there, just the slabs alone would probably have been £100+. The wood didn't look like scaffold or pallets to me. I'd be surprised if monty did anything aside from draw the plan and then fill the beds. For the average gardener it's a huge job, (esp if you work full time too and have kids) or a very expensive one to get someone else to do. Then again, he is a well paid presenter on TV, I dare say if I earnt the money he does, I'd not be doing the heavy stuff either!

The important thing is that you get ideas from the program, I have learnt loads from a nutty american guy on youtube called john who has uploaded a massive amount onto youtube. He lives in nevada and basically has turned his whole garden into edible grub with raised beds and vertical gardening. It riles me that yanks can buy wood so damn cheap, but he gives me ideas I can adapt to my circumstance. I'd never have thought of using rock dust rather than fertiliser if I hadn't seen him.


Susan Bradley, I think the iPad app that Joe was using is called art studio.