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I hope everyone watched tonight.  This is what I came up with.

Why did the chicken cross the new path?

So he could make happymarion laugh.


well there's a thing. It seems that GW programmes are to be available for 4 months from broadcast not just the 7 days of iplayer.


I watched it, liked the chicken. Disappointed in Joe's cottage garden. He always designs with staight lines and I prefer curves and colour. He's better at contemporary. Monty's veg garden has to be the tidiest I've ever seen. Mine's a mess, but I'm gradually getting round it. Do weeds grow in winter in England? They sure do in France.


Aaaaa........I had my first fix of Nigel for this year.Must be spring at last, although down here in Surrey it has been wet since Tuesday!

Never mind the chickens,it was heartening to see Nigel(Monty didn't look too bad either) romping around , trying to imitate the chicken! Nice gentle gardening for the first programme of the year.

I am looking forward to Beechgrove too, I'd better get my act together and sow some comes spring, enjoy



More of the same I'm afraid, it seems like I've seen it all a million times and, to me, the format is getting tired. Maybe they could include some items of topical gardening news as well as the usual garden visits/design/practicals. 

Looking forward to Beechgrove which I've heard a lot about but have never seen. Not sure how relevant some of it will be to gardeners down here on the Kentish Riviera though.

Loved the programme! Am looking forward to learning a lot, want out to the garden- right now, unfortunately the weather is very very wet today.
A lovely, cosy,warm programme. Great to see Monty and Nigel back (both on good form) I'm looking forward to some warm dry weather in the garden- ever the optimist!

More of the same it may be although after reading these boards there are lots of gardeners to whom it is all new.
It is a general programme for people from all degrees of gardening skill, for me brought up in a working garden it is a form of relaxation watching others work.
Rachael brought a couple of winter scented plants to my notice, Carol as usual was enthusiastic over her snowdrops and they are lovely but too far South for us to see in the flesh. All in all not bad for a gentle watch that does not tax the brain overly.
Monty always gives a full explanation which is what new gardeners need to know and even old bats like me do learn something and that is because gardening is a continuous learning process, we never know it all.


Susan Bradley

Anyone know what the ipad app that Joe Swift appeared to be using to draw the garden?

Yes Susan I would love that as well!
Has anyone worked out how much that path would cost, just dig down 2 to 3 feet deep, anyone know anyone with a mini digger prepared to work for nothing, then fill with hardcore, know anyone with a few hundred tons to spare, fill with the nice new grey stuff, still, the bricks were recycled.

It was a gentle start to the season, As others have said rollon Beechgrove

hollie hock

Enjoyed the programme, loved the chicken, made me smile. For me the programme could without Joe Swift, I think it's easy to say what would would look here and there without any regard to the individual garden, time and expense.

I really liked Monty's new path of bricks, gave some inspiration about how to use recyled materials in the garden. I disagree that it would be that expensive or need a mini digger.

I haven't laid a path that size but I have used reclaimed bricks to build steps in several parts of my garden. I guess Monty was demostrating a full professional job that you would pay some money for. It is possible to do this a lot a cheaper.

Picked up 40 red reclaimed bricks today




Don't get me wrong, I loved the path, but when Monty started talking about digging it 2 to 3 feet deep and back filling with hardcore then the layer of slate clippings, I thought that this is not a job for the diy gardener. The job would cost thousands.
I can't imagine how many bricks are there.
Apart from that, I quite enjoyed it, Carols enthusiasm thrills me every time I see her,


I missed the programme and was so cross with myself.....but then I read this feed and saw the comment about I player......I really enjoyed it although I wish they would say how much things cost to replicate and maybe give ideas on how to do something similar on a smaller budget. Monty always makes me smile but joe just doesn't do it for me and Carol, bless her she's such a smiley person.....looking forward to next reminder is set to record

That was one of the nice things about Geoff Hamilton, he showed how to make things on a low budget for the ordinary gardener.

I really like Joe and think they have a very good team at the moment. I personally am not all that keen on spending time looking at some of the gardens they visit as I would much prefer to have some more gardening advice and ideas, after all it's only a half hour programme so think some of the garden visiting is a waste of time. However, I'm sure that a lot of people enjoy looking at the gardens so It must be difficult to please everyone. Does anyone know when Beechgrove is on?

It,s a good programme for me as it has basic info and the winter flowering plants feature gave me an idea with the dogwood combination. It is not tooooo taxing as I feel a "heavy" taxing programme would need to be longer. It is good for giving us ideas.

I do find Joe boring and Carol is to enthusiastic!!

Yes, the chickens make me smile as they seem to steal the limelight from Nigel without meaning to do so! Monty is so self effacing and down to earth and reminds me  to do  boring stuff that I have forgotten to do

I have been watching Beechgrove and it is on the same lines except that it has more trials on Composts etc. which is useful. Some stuff is OK for us living down south, but mostly it caters for the colder areas up north. IT starts on the 4th of April @ 7.30 hrs. nationwide on BBC 2. Enjoy


Watch out for prog on channel 4 called Superscrimpers.