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Poor attempt.


Omg, such fools. What kind of buzz does one get, I wonder. How very sad.

For those who don't know, jon cob (as well as all his other names) is a well known forum member who spends his time being rude to people or trying to cause arguments on many sites.

He isn't here to talk about gardening, he's here to cause problems.

already seen plenty on here to stop black spot, and use of netting to stop cabbage white.. one wonders if you need to seek your community psych nurse.. seems your medication isn't working..


See "Potato varieities production or vareity "(sic) thread




There's stuff all over the web where he assumes two or more different identities and argues with himself - for those of us who know about him it is mildly amusing/irritating - for new posters some of his more inflammatory behaviour can be very upsetting. However, his aggressive style of posting and idiosyncratic use of language makes him fairly easy to spot, even when he changes identity.

Sorry, but whenever I see Jon cob I just think of an inadequate person who probably never says anything face to face to anyone. His face probably just reddens when he's spoken to so lets have compassion for this sad fellow. You know, he probably,thinks his forum name/names is clever so let's just think of him this way when he makes a post. Come on Jon cob what you up to today? Busy?
I've just upgraded my bathroom curtains, so have some very pretty lengths of voile which are redundant- for the moment! Am planning to use them as anti cabbage White netting later in the Year- which reminds me, better get on and sow some Brassicas.

Verdun-sorry but on this subject you are being very naive-do not engage this person in conversation please-he does not deserve you pity


And as if to prove the point.................................

Jon cob-you are talking rowlocks


Hello Jon, you ok today? Doing any shopping? Are you late for work? Or going back to bed?
Hey Geoff, like that. Poor old Jon prob doesn't get that

If anyone in a spare momemt googles the name "gridgardener"-no spaces you will see how this individual disrupts many forums

It would seem he may use public computers because then he can use multiple names-the libraries in the USA must be closing now.

Night Jon cob-as The Waltons might say

jon cob wrote (see)

I have never argued with my self or need to call other posters to win arguement or a debate but that is common uk way winning debate. name calling does not help win a debate it goes mean you to dumb suport you statement with facts and reasearch.


Oh but you have gridgardener,jon cob ,-here you started a discussion as plainleaf then joined in the discussion as great cob agreeing with yourself whilst those all around laughed at you

Sock puppet-or muppet -you decide,


I goggled gridgardener it now. Thanks
chilli lover

So can't the 'moderator' or whatever they are called here not remove him from the site? Does someone need to specifically request that?


Have considered that-Daniel is quick to act if requested- it doesn't do the site any good if disruption is caused-but sometimes perhaps it is good to have it all in the open

Anyway people like this get round it-that is where the public computer bit is handy for the muppets