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Scott Edwards

Like Mike, I have quite a collection of gardening books. I don't know this specific one but if you want a good book to cover the basics - I would recommend Alan Titchmarsh's 'How to be a Gardener.'

hi ol i think alan t's series 'how to' is brilliant i have 5 in the series and have learned loads

Orchid Lady

Thanks guys, and yes it is Tracey Mike .

I have that RD encyclopaedia already, mum bought it me years ago  Will continue looking 

i often pick up books in charity shops , if i only learn 1 thing from each book i consider it money well spent


Orchid Lady

Thanks David, I'll save my money and just keep asking you then 

Now, I need some tips on hardening plants off..........

Orchid Lady


 I've started a thread 


I think it's pretty much the case with anything that books aren't a substitute for experience but they are a great form of reference and I think most of us have a 'go to' book when we are trying something for the first time.

I have collected a variety of the 'Expert' series, and they are a great source of info. I love the ready source of info available on the t'internet but I am of an age where I will always treasure a book to read.

For the last couple of years I have found the pocket guide RHS Fruit n Veg Guide very good as it gives a write up on a whole series of named varieties.

Orchid Lady

Here is what I'm going to do.......I'm going to make my own book 

I'm going to go through all my followed threads, as these are the ones I have started / commented on and must be useful, cut and paste the relevant quotes/info (removing any names etc so there is no reference to anyone). Then print up the pages and put in my own, my own custom made book with only info I need in 


Great idea Tracey, the tech wizards could probably design an 'app' that would do it automatically.


I'm waiting for our Mike to get pen to paper and spill forth his knowledge to us beginners. He always has such a clear way of writing and never makes you feel that he believes himself superior just because he's gotten a few more years under the belt than the rest of us (well; most of us ).

Til then I'm saving my money for plants and using the internet rather than books!

Orchid Lady

I've been using the internet too Clari, the RHS website has really good clear info 


You don't need to thank me Mike - just let me know when I can pick up my signed copy! 


(Hope you're having a good day)


Orchid Lady, good quality second hand books can be a good option, ie from Amazon, ebay.  You can find good quality used books for much less.  I have bought a few like this and if they turn out to be not as good as I might have expected I've not wasted too much money, and if they are what I'm looking for, I've got myself a bargain.  Must add that I've not been disappointed yet.

'morning, good discussions here  lots of 'fors and against' buying books, however I use my local library to browse and borrow and usually turn to Alan Titchmarsh - 'How to ' series: clear and to the point. Use th

e rhs book 'garden plants and flowers' as an invaluable reference book.


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