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Shelley - ours is affiliated to the RHS, so their website might be worth a try


The local library holds a list of clubs etc in most areas

The potty gardener

I just googled my town name garden club eg Hull garden club.



Shelley, I didn't mean join the RHS - but it might be worth ringing them to see if they can tell you which of their affiliated clubs are in your area.  There are 3,000 altogether, so must be one near you.

BTW our garden club has an annual fee of £15 - but they have also arranged 10% discount with local GC's - so if you buy a lot of plants you soon get the £15 back !


The annual fee to join the RHS is extremely good value - cheaper than an anuual sucbscription to many gardening magazines and you get a monthly magazine, free access to the RHS gardens and quite a few more plus free advice if you need it for a particular problem and access to the shows on members' days.

The potty gardener

Chicky when I joined our local club the woman said she was very sorry but you had to pay £6 a year to be  member. They also join to local GC where for every £10 spent you get a £1 token to buy plants. It works really nicely as if you spend £11 you get two £1 vouchers.


Funnily enough I'm going to my local garden club tonight for the first time. It was advertised in the local free paper.


Hope you enjoy it Mrs G!

I hesitated before going along to mine - had it mentally associated with WI in my rather narrow mind - but i now love it!  They have brilliant speakers - famous (messrs beardshaw and lancaster last year) and not so famous, but all passionate about their subjects.  So once a month i get to listen to an expert talk about plants or planting - love it!

and, as yet, no jam or jerusalem in sight....


Well that was a waste of time, there was no one there!!!

If you are over 60 the local U3a (university of the Third Age) often run one. It isn't anything to do with universities, just people who like gardens and gardening.

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