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Pat E

I'll start off with a photo of some of my hobbies.

Knitted trousers

knitted pocket dolls

Cross Stitch lavender bags

painting flowers

thats a start for everyone to follow.


Your knitted trousers made me laugh, Pat. Are they doll size or person size?

Pat E

Hi Fidget. Are you having trouble sleeping?

The trousers were for a little tot 18 months old. The pattern was discovered by her mother on line. It was a tricky pattern because the Norwegian person who wrote it had different abbreviations to the English notations. There were quite a few questions and answers on line from other knitters who had the same problems that I had.

Sorry about sideways photo, I don't know how to fix it.

the little one is the same person Ive been making hats and dresses for this winter.


Yes, I think I ate something that disagreed with me last night. I have a long car trip today, as I'm taking mum to see Highgrove gardens. No cameras allowed in, so I will just have to have a  good memory.

I love your paintings, I wish I could illustrate like that.

The toddler pants are adorable. I can't knit . Do you do yarnbombing? In Fremantle in WA, at south beach, all the lamp posts have knitted covers. It brightens the place up.

Pat E

That's odd. It straightened itself up. Oh well, I can't complain.


Pat E

No I've not done that, but I've seen it on TV.  

I have also got a spinning wheel for getting the mohair from our angora  goats into knittable yarn. My craft-art room is a mess with painting desk, shelves of yarn, completed items,  patterns, etc. etc.

I hope you and your mother  enjoy  Highgrove.


Have a good afternoon , Pat.


Thanks for starting this, Pat.  Lovely to see what you've been doing... and I agree with Fidget, those toddler trousers are fab.  Shame my granddaughters are too old for those...

When I'm feeling brave I'll photograph some of my craft stuff.

plant pauper

They're great trews Pat. My neice would wear those and she's 25!!!! She's so uncool she's cool. I haven't knit for ages. I go through phases of cross stitch, knitting, patchwork quilting, painting, resting..... oh and there's a terrible lot of thinking goes on too.

I have the blocks for a quilt which I did many years ago in a log cabin pattern. I dug them out recently and they've been on the bed in the spare room for weeks and every time I go in I rearrange them into a different design. Too many choices! 


I have some cross stitch somewhere that I started about 30 years ago

plant pauper

Well it's raining today you said....go and get it! 


That's an option I suppose


I've never been a knitter and find knitted clothes make me itchy anyway but your pocket dolls and trews look like fun.   I have taken to knitting scarves in winter for OH and Possum, just for something to do when watching TV since my eyesight is no longer good enough for small gauge cross stitch.   

OH is a tiger (Chinese horoscope) so, many years ago I did him this

He's from Worcester so I did this

My patchwork projects started as a quilt for our bedroom using the Contrary Wife block but I couldn't get the points to match so took myself off to classes to learn the trick and there I've been required to different blocks to practise piecing - some are here along with one of the blue place mats, a red and cream block for a cushion cover and a crafty fabric picture of irises. 

I have another 4 of the pinkish blocks to do to make a wall hanging - and this month's class project is reverse appliqué which I can do by machine.  I'll let you know how that works out.

Hazel -1

Obelixx and Pat, Wow!  How I envy your talents at doing such intricate and detailed crafts! My eyesight couldn't stand up for it unfortunately but I do admire both your skills. So clever.

I just do knitting now, mainly baby blankets as it keeps my fingers busy when watching TV. Mum used to crochet and do embroidery but too fiddly for me to ever master. She still knits now at the grand age of 95 !

Here is may latest blanket which will go to the local GP's surgery for sale at their summer and autumn fairs:

Funnily enough, pink and blue colour always sells  better than other colours!

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plant pauper

That's lovely Hazel. Beautifully neat and uniform. 



I love those trousers, a new fashion for gardeners, made me smile.

Beautiful knitting and cross stitch, and  I wish I could paint like that.

I do try to do something when I'm sort of watching the TV

I make bark pictures, collect it from the trees in the garden and cut it out to make pictures, it keeps me amused.


a few months ago i tried arm knitting, takes 30 minutes to knit a double length scarf, you literally use your arms as the needles, i deleted the photos from my phone today as was having a clear out but will post a pic tomorrow. also made bunting (also deleted) i shall take some pics tomo 

plant pauper

HaHa joybell those are great. Really original!

plant pauper

I've seen pictures of that sanjy. It looks amazing....and also a bit of a workout!


love the bark pictures & loved cellular blanks when my boys were little :)