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hi gardenmaiden and paulaH.. i got your messages but i am unable to reply so contacting you this way.

i will post out the rhizomes on tuesday so not sat around for too long.i have got both your address so thats fine.

i got your payment paulaH.. thank you for the extra..

gardenmaiden.. i will include an stamped addressed envelope with them and you can send it back to me that way..via cheque is fine postage cost will be on the post office stamp on front of the parcel. make out to name on envelope.. thank you.

many thanks to you both.. and sorry had to let you know this way. but couldnt go without acknowledging yr messages.if it gets fixed and i can reply i will do with any other info you need..


replying to get this on main page so they can see it..


Got the message, Thanks Sue


super PaulaH.. many thanks. will send you half dozen if that ok .. they wont flower next year but should the year after.

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