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evening all!

just wondered if any of you can suggest a garden or two for hubby and I to visit this weekend?

we live in Burton on trent, willing to travel around 45 mins. Can't walk too far at the mo, so somewhere with plenty of benches and/or a coffee shop would be handy.

we like all types of gardens, but the mr always enjoys the more exotic


Woodgreen wonderboy

Go to your local Garden centre and ask for the "yellow book" for your area. In this will be all the private gardens open for charity locally. Usually there are one or two every day. The book is free or available for a small charge. 


You can find yellow book gardens open by visiting:

Good hunting.

there are quite a few open this weekend


Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

Great idea Nut.. you can enjoy a cake while you browse....


Then more cake when you get to the garden


Tilley, you can always pick up from your local garden centre/ public library/TIC etc.a free copy of the 2013 NGS Open Gardens guide for your county/area.  Then you won't have to keep hopping onto the computer.

There is also online the National Directory of Open Gardens, all raising money for charity.





Might take you a bit longer than 45 minutes but can't recommend Barnsdale (near Oakham in Rutland) strongly enough.  Plenty of seats and quite compact.  Also the Garden Organic gardens at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, near Coventry are good.  Both have decent caffs and good plant sales too,

The potty gardener

Thank you. The suggested sites to find gardens were very useful


For next weekend, I know it's right at your 45min limit, but all on A38/M1, have you been to Renishaw Hall, near M1 Barlborough junction. Plenty of benches, sheltered, handy parking, coffee, and a great Italianate garden.

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