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Whilst in Harrogate this weekend I paid a visit to Harlow Carr, here are a few photos taken.


 The spring garden was beautiful.

 Loved the bark on these trees.

 Beautiful alpines in this section

 Definitely plan to get some of these Toad Lillies

 Anyone know the name of these Trilliums

Great idea for a thread. I'll be watching with interest









Hasn't anyone been to any gardens this year since April?

We went to Waterperry in Oxfordshire before we went to New York. It was looking lovely.



Went to Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury - loved it enough to return for a second visit (and I am a 2 hour drive away








Really like that chicky  good shots too


Visited half a dozen of the ngs gardens up to now this year, casa lago in Whalley Lancs. last Sunday's was a fantastic. We didn't get any pictures  sorry!


We went to visit the Botanical Gardens  in Birmingham last Monday.  It is a very pretty and well kept place.  Hot house and butterfly house too.  Free parking.  Well worth a visit.








 BL.  Thanks for pointing me to this sithe.



Thank you Runny beak, I hope others find it. The last 2 years threads have had some lovely photos.

We will be going to Suffolk in July so I'm hoping to post pics of Beth Chatto's garden, Hyde Hall and Bressingham Gardens.

Great thread! All our visits in one handy place!  stunning pictures on sunny days!

Going to Helmingham hall gardens in the next couple of weeks

Just got to pick a sunny day and pack the camera! 


We hope to go to Helmingham Hall some time in July too when we are in Suffolk.

Some pictures from Helmingham Hall, Suffolk.

















Oooh Wonky they're gorgeous - English country house garden at it's best - those big blowsy borders are simply fabulous - it's a long time since I've been there and there's been a lot of improvement - and this looks to be the perfect time to visit.




Love those photos Wonky, my type of garden.  Walled and romantic.

A few more pictures from Helmingham Hall, if anyone could identify I would be most grateful, thankyou 






 If anyone could identify please  thank you


Hi Wonky,

Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing! I'm sure you had a wonderful day, she said, green with envy.

I think the pale pinkish and  purplish flowers in the first picture may be Campanula Lactiflora.

The orange ones in the second picture are Achillea, but I'm not sure which variety.

The pink ones in picture 3 are lychnis coronaria, and I also see a stachys, or lambs ear growing though them, and a pink lathyrus, probably a perennial one in the top left-hand corner of that picture.

 The red flowers in picture 4 are Knautia Macedonica.

In picture 4 more Lychnis, and I can't think of the name of the climber with the white star-like flowers at the moment. Will probably hit myself as soon as someone else mentions the name.

And I think the pink spikes in the final picture are a variety of Veronica.




Thank you Kleipieper  the bees were going crazy for the Veronica, I should have got that as I have a type of veronica, however mine is much smaller and a bit floppy! 

Loved the Achillia, such a shocking colour!

 The wish list grows and grows! 


The Achillea could be "Terracotta".

The climber with the white star flowers is Trachelospermum Jasminoides or Star Jasmine.

The last one with purple spikes is Veronicastrum.

I think kleipieper has got the others.

AAAARRRGGGHHHH, I knew I'd be hitting muyself!  

Of course it was a trachelospermum! Lovely scent as well. Have been thinking about it all the time, but couldn't come up with a name.

Thanks for putting me out of my misery Lizzie!


We went to Trentham gardens last week.

First we went to see the monkeys at Monkey forest


 They have some cute babies at the moment.