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I thought that the road safety researchers said that if a land rover hit a small pedestrian that they were more likely to be seriously injured than if they were hit by a small car, due to the height of the bumper?

Im forever digging up the lawn as i need extra space for plants and i really dont like mowing it. Will have to wait until we've had some rain as the groung is rock hard. We have a large driveway at the front of the house and 1 very small car. Im slowly getting pants in big containers to use up the space.


@joslow.. yes you are right in a test it showed that the driver couldnt see a child in their rear view mirror or  rear window until they were stood 7 deep... very bad.. but i find those that drive them dont care about other kids but their own. no offence but i see them up at the school in mornings and they think they can park where ever they like and do what they like as they are "big monster kid killers" as my hubby calls them

as for concreting gardens.. we had to  half ours few years back  as private lane and not allowed to park on it.. so have to provide for 3 cars each house.

and if you want to concrete you front garden with anything but gravel you  have to get planning my neighbour found out to his cost early this year.. a B & B and he wanted to concrete the whole garden for parking guests.. he did it and then made to dig it allup and apply for planning.. he was only allowed to concrete half and the other had to be done in drain free material.. so as not to flood the lane... which is good a sit floods already when wehave rain.. so his drive would have made it worse.. and doing it in all that rain proved thier point.. and the dug out foundations flooded like a swimming pool


It is a problem. Theoretically I could use the entrance to my house for parking, but it would have to be a dinky car with a sunroof so I could get in and out as there wouldn't be room to open the doors. Bloke keeps his motorbikes there though, so maybe that's the way to go?

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