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 My little boy loves gardening (especially getting messy and finding all sort of bugs)  and its coming up to his birthday (he's 6), I was thinking of getting him some these bookends with these lovely snails. Does anyone have any other suggestions or ideas for a good present.

The bookends are agreat idea because then he can start to collect books about gardening and wildlife. 

How about a set of children's garden tools? Or his own watering can?


My kids used to love the inspection jars where you put the bug inside and the lid has a magnifying glass for a closer look.  Then you release said bug back to the wilderness unharmed.

These days they prefer nail varnish, earrings and Primark !!


When Possum was small a friend gave her a toy insect examining thing.  Catch insect, put it in container and then view it down a mini microscope.    That would be easy to use for him and more inter active.

You could also consider a set of child size tools - trowel, hand fork, watering can.



Obelixx - Possum and mine had something in common then !


The potty gardener

Mine had a wormery thing. Two plates of glass (or I think it was plastic). Instructions about how to layer soil, sand etc then put worms in and watch

The potty gardener

Or if you want to spend more how about one of those raised veg beds. You could let him grow exactly what he wants in it.

A pack of bulbs, a bag of compost, a trowel and a pot.

The wormery suggestion is a good one. When my children were young we made one out of a large jam jar and layered different soil mixes, found some worms and watched them mix it up. Remember to keep it moist.

A microscope is good but he may be a bit young. How about a strong magnifying glass?

Papi Jo

Reported as probable commercial ad from OP.


The thread is over four years old.......

That’s weird. This showed up on page one today. A post must have been removed as did not trawl back to find this. Had I noticed it’s age I would not have posted.


There's been a few odd posts recently Redwing.

I got a PM from someone who has posted nothing. I replied saying I didn't know who they were, or why they had contacted me,  but not had any other response. I won't do anything about it unless they start any bother!  

Mike Allen

So! The lad is now ten.  Like a dream, why not join in.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


She posted this very post in 2013, just wants us to see what’s for sale on Etsy. 


Singing Gardener

I think this sprang back to the surface because of a post made a couple of days ago by someone from Canada trying to sell stuff which has now been deleted by the moderators.

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