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hi everyone.. i have got globe thistles in my garden for first time this year and i love them.. so dramatic.. but i am unsure on how to care for them

for instance.. can i dead head to promote new.. do i cut right down after finishing flowering.. do they come back each year..

so many questions i am hoping you  can all help me answer.. thank u all xx

John mcleod
I too have one and love it. So dramatic. However it does take over a bit! I do not dead head mine as the birds seem to like the dead flowers Not sure of dead heading them promotes more flowed

I don't dead head mine as the birds like the seeds.  They do produce more and more flowers as they mature each year and yes, they are perennial and will come back.   They self seed quite happily in my garden but are easy enough to weed out in spring.  I lift some to swap with friends.


thank u guys... i will leave for birds.. that is good.. can i cut them down once all seeds gone and it has finished x



I don't.    They need the foliage to feed the roots for next year's growth and the top growth also protects the crowns from heavy frosts.  The seed heads look good frosted even it the seeds have been taken.  I only cut mine down in autumn if a strong gale blows them over.  Otherwise, I tidy up at the start of spring.



@obelixx... thank u so much.. i will leave until spring if wind dont get them first


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