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Bunny ...
Neither field funny you mention sciatica and cold I've been worse since got really cold , I thought because I was tensing up .

GC trip done ...behaved myself other than...more seeds ...giggles, too cold to walk around outside but huge place so plenty to see indoors .

We had an item about Elaine Rolfe on another thread so it's good to see an update and to know that she won't have to pay for the destruction of the garden. It is such a shame it was such a beautiful garden. I saw photos of it on Google.


Hello Rhoda, long no see,get well soon and keep you chin up.

Obs, I've suffered for around 10 years on and off, but the last 2 years have been the worst, it sometimes feels like my hip joint is seizing up, although an X ray says not.

Bunny, it does seem to be the cold and wet weather that brings it on, although the doctor tells me there is no medical reason why it should.

Bunny ...

Hmmm wonder if its how we hold ourselves /move


Dont envy anyone having to travel tomorrow/Saturday. Forecast a wee bit grim for us up north. I know no comparison to you Obs, but we're just not used to it any more. OH works in NEast Derbyshire & he's staying put this w/end. Thank goodness for rented house.

Have pruned the Cornus really hard today. Big mistake in originally planting it a bit to close to a path through the borders. So hopefully I can maintain a better shape this time.

I also finally cleaned off the plates etc used as pot saucers for big pots on patio. All now stored until needed.

No sign of any restarting of my Hostas- all in pots, sat by house wall. However there is now signs of life in the 2 pots of sweetpeas that I thought were 'duff' & just popped onto the shelf in my very cold greenhouse.

The various dahlias are now just restarting, some are on a window sill. others are sat in front of the patio doors.

Sympathies re sciatica. At the mo am free of problems, but not holding my breath. J.


Bunny ...
No sign of anything in my hostas either , was going to split them again when started doing something ... Not sure whether to bother now, at this rate might be October before they surface

Never fear Bunnny.   They'll shoot soon enough.   I've discovered here that after a long winter spring tends to come in a whoosh and can run away with you.

Bunny ...
Thanks obelixx . Thinking should go ahead and split or wait ?

Noticed your chocolate mentioning any in particular ?

None of my hostas is showing yet Bunny but when they do there are a few I want to lift and move and maybe divide depending on how big they are.    I think you'd be best waiting till yours are active.  The only thing is that the big leaved hostas produce smaller leaves their first year after being split and then they recover normal form from teh following season.

As for chocolate, I live in Belgium so am spoiled for choice.  There are the big names like Côte d'Or for bars and then lots more doing pralines or filled chocolates and our local baker/patissier makes his own too.........   Nowhere to hide really.

The potty gardener

I do so wish some warmer weather would arrive. Yesterday 100 bulbs arrived and I would really like to get them planted but the weather this weekend is not encouraging me to do it


Bunny ...
Mmmmm praline

Ok I shall wait re hostas ..thanks .
Bunny ...
Oh Bev I know's grim

woke up to a gale force wind blowing all my daffs about. A big branch from our Cedar tree has broken off and landed on my island bed and another branch has done its best to wreak my rose arch, the top half of it was waving around in the tree!! what a start to the day!!



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