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As the title says i would like to know of any good plant nurseries in West Yorkshire, the closer to Huddersfield the better. There must be some good ones around here somewhere! 

Used to be one at Totties near Scholes, Holmfirth, Matt.  I think it's still there.....

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Also used to be one not far from Todmorden - can't recall the name now - could have been Reids ?

Dove Cottage in Halifax has a very good nursery, not open every day but check out their website.


Are you thinking of gordon riggs phillippa S2 ? its just up the road from Tod


That's the one Perki - I knew it began with an R

Don't know if it is still any good - I can remember getting some decent plants from there but that was in the late 80's / early 90's.

Thank you! I will check these out a week on sunday, as its Harrogate Autumn show for me next week! :)

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