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Hi all. Had a great productive day. Weather warm, if a bit windy. Spent morning at the allotment with OH and youngest daughter. Finished digging potato bed over and set first earlies. Set broad beans kindly donated by fellow allotmenteer. Never grown them before. Picked first stems of forced rhubarb, yum in crumble tonight.

General tidy up and sat to think about what to put where?..

Afternoon bike ride to local country park with OH and 3 children, played footy. First icecream of  the year!

After crumble pud, we set alight the chimanea and watched the fire burning as the red sky showed itself. Perfect end to a fab day. Off to bed in a mo.  hope you all had a fab weekend too. xx

Started mowing and weedkilling. in March!

Almost planted the new Rose border.

Potted up sprouts.

Watched the ladybirds wakeup.

Watered and fed the move 'in the green' Snowdrops

Well please with results of last springs harsh pruning of flowering currant and forsythia. now flowering beautifully.




Unfortunately had to spend the day indoors, but will be planting sweet peas and anything else I can find into the cold frames tomorrow, hope it's as beautiful  a day as it was Today

I hope so too. I'm off work tomorrow so I'd like to get on with a few more jobs in the garden/ allotment.  Really am off to bed now

star gaze lily

Weeded back garden borders, (hopefully weather permitting will attack front garden tomorrow!!) Got pots ready for plants yet to be bought! Dug over one of veg plots. Dug up a blackberry growing through my forsythia. Cleaned my bird feeders. And had a sandwich and cuppa for lunch in the sunshine 

Feel a bit achy now, but garden looks so much better.


Yesterday was lovely, got loads done. Planted new peony, 4 new bearded iris(accidental purchase), cornus, echinops?(thistly looking thing), day lilly, and repotted an apple tree and espaliered it, and put up a new bird box, bit late maybe but around here there's only the collared doves that seem to be loved up, but they always are, so we'll see. And the first big daff is properly out.


Started yesterday off with a lovely walk round our lovely countryside, then finished off the weeding and tidied some plants. My youngest has got the gardening bug so I helped her plant her own tulips 

Emptied my mum's compost bins onto the garden yesterday, cut my aunt's lawn, deadheaded her hydrangeas and did a general tidy up of dead stems, veg bed etc. Cut out the old woody stems of mum's Fatsia Japonica today then back over to aunt's house to chop down three hideous conifers which are blocking all the light from her front room.  Then I'd better think about mowing my own lawn!  


Started to enlarge the veg bed, which means moving lots of pea shingle, removing horitcultural  membrane, replacing some shingle and forking it in to the compacted clay. Making new raised edges, getting a load of compost and spreading it, mixed with sharp sand and organic chicken manure pellets. Should be finished by this p.m.

But the bed will then be about 30sq m. This will enable me to do proper crop rotation I hope and have more veg for the winter.

Aren't we all busy bees

Yes we are artjak. Today after doing the housework, I went up allotment and dug over a huge patch with the help of my mum. She's retired now, but very bored! Chap up there offered me some manure ss he'd got too much so I mulched the raspberries and the recently planted fruit trees. Still a fair bit to do, but made a great start.

After that  I started on the garden. Took the Electric trimmers to a couple of shrubs/hedges to give them a better shape.  Cut down the passion flower as its not done much the last few years so replaced it with 'Nike Warsaw' clematis, hope it does okay there.

Off for a hot bath before I cook dinner, II'm knackered! !,,,,,



Gosh reading all your hard work this weekend makes me realise I really need to get my little wellingtons on and start seriously working at preparing the vegetable plots else I am going to have some SERIOUS envy later in the year!!

Hee hee claringtonl 

I have to make hay whilst the sun shines! Work for the rest of the week so may not get back up allotment till the weekend.

Scott Edwards

Went for a walk over RHS Wesley today. The Magnolias and Camellias were the best I have seen them look for several years. Magnificent. Well worth a visit if you are close enough.


I changed this

 to this

 to enlarge veg bed

Fab work artjak.



 a couple of shots of my garden. OH and son took all the log roll up from round the edge of the borders as it was rotten. So they need attention. Have cut back the passion flower and trimmed the two shrubs at the end. Can't wait to reshape the borders.


Will update piccies as work progresses.

Spent the morning up at the allotment cutting dead foliage off the strawberries and mulching them.  Also weeded and mulched the other raised beds we hadn't got around to doing before all the wet weather.  First opportunity to do these as its been too wet.

All my tools, pots, trays and compost are being stored in a garage about 10 minutes away from the house at the moment.  Due for some hard landscaping to start at the end of the garden this week to make way for a shed and my first ever potting shed (hooray!).  Am so looking forward to having this space.

However, these green fingers are getting itchy so popped to the garage last night after work to pick up some seed trays, pots and compost so at least I can get on with sowing some seeds for the allotment and garden

Steve 309

sowed thyme and sweetcorn (too early?) in the greenhouse

pricked out some tomatoes - others are in modules and can stay there for a bit.

planted out loads of summer-flowering perennials in what's about to become an ornamentals bed

also planted out some alyssum to edge the bed (yes I know it's boring but the people who live & work here might appreciate it)

put out broad beans and garlic (greenhouse sown/planted) to harden off

failed to plant out the rest of the onion sets - which are in danger of getting module-bound

checked on the forced rhubarb, which is almost ready to start pulling 

Now off to prune some roses elsewhere




SFord, for many years I had no shed, but then the joy of having one, just somewhere to keep equipment, perhaps do a bit of potting, sit there with a cup of tea... bliss

Had to go to London today, in the train on the way back;


David Matthews2

Managed to get the first tray of chitted "Rocket" 1st early potatoes into their individual black buckets, loads of fresh compost to hand ready for the job! Also squoze the last bag of onion sets "Snowball" into plastic troughs - they grow on and I crop them akin to spring onions as I'm a big fan of daily salad components for my light lunches. Plenty of fresh growth on the overwintered German leaf, adds 'bite' to the salad bowl! Decided that the bay bushes (3m height) needed a 'haircut' - light trim only as they had a major surgical prune only last year. Started 60+ pea "Onward" in two growbags (within greenhouse) - I dislike the gutter-growing method as the root run is too limited. Tidied up the outdoor onion and shallot sets sown last month after the neighbourhood blackbirds had been inspecting their roots for tasty morsels! Live and let live is my motto - they mean well and sing so spiritedly that I forgive their odd 'mishap' as they grovel along the rows!