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And with that, Zebedee said "It's time for bed!" 

See you in the morning 


Dovefromabove wrote (see)

And with that, Zebedee said "It's time for bed!" 

See you in the morning 


Me too. Night all 

Oakley Witch

With a lord of the rings twist 


night night everyone x


Oh dear.  Just finished an episode of Sleeper Cell and you're all off to bed.  Will have to find someone else to chat to.

Yes Sam, I agree with you wholeheartedly about things as they are now. Different forum altogether.



Bit late posting today as I had to plant a bare-root Maraval sweet chestnut tree in a large 60x60x60cm container as soon as I got home from work, before it went dark.  Took ages to fill with a mix of my clay soil, MP compost and JI No3, then had my dinner and fell asleep!  Tomorrow's job when I get home is planting a Japanese Wineberry, a Jostaberry, a Lingonberry and a Worcesterberry! 


I've got to find a bigger pot for my bay tree - it's very cramped indeed - so if I go the the GC at lunchtime I might get myself that thermometer too - if I remember!


Dove-don't spend too much now..I never do that

Bob-do Lingonberries grow well here? And I haven't heard of Jostaberry- can you enlighten me! Thanks  Not sure I've actually heard of Worcesterberry either!

Gardening Grandma

Morning, early birds. Bob, your trees sound great. Are they all going into tubs or do you have a fruit garden?

Dove, I have a bay tree in a large pot. The trouble is, the larger the pot, the larger they grow!

Bob, sorry to admit I know little about those fruits
Wine berry, jostaberry, lingonberry or Worcesterberry
How do you rate them? How do they compare with "usual" fruit like gooseberries, raspberries, etc?
Like Fairygirl, can you educate us a little please?

Goodmorning. Raining today so no getting on outside. Have so enjoyed my last two days, even if the bones and muscles haven't. Suppose I better find the hoover instead.

I really must get my Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki' into the garden as it is looking very sad and I feel has outgrown it's pot, but don't know how I am going to manage it.  Pot is like a column and about 2' 6" high.  Any ideas. 



Tina in the past I have had to get large plants out of pots and here's a idea for you.  Lay the pot and plant on it's side.  Sit down next to it and put your feet on the pot rim.  You can now try and pull the plant out.  If you have crocks in the bottom of the pot it is sometimes possible to put something onto the drainage holes and push against the crocks.  If you can find a volunteer to help one can pull and the other push.


Thanks for that Muddyfork.  It was planted some years ago in peat which seems to bind together.  Have tried to loosen but without success. Volunteered son. He's into all this gym malarky so perhaps he can test his muscles. Will tell him when he gets home.

Well, I am a happy paws this morning, as the postman arrived with my Amazon parcel, I ordered some tough touch gloves to help me eradicate the brambles without them getting their own back by scratching my arms to bits.  Was a bit worried, as I'd ordered some cheap gauntlets before and couldn't even get my fingers in.  The tough touch like a glove (sorry, couldn't resist!)  Got the ladies' size, really glad I did, although they'd be too small for most of the ladies I know!

Now, all I need to do is get OH to volunteer to look after the kids at the weekend whilst I go to work on a slash and burn (well, lop and burn) spree over the road.  Any ideas?


Gardening Grandma

I've just taken the advice of some on this forum and planted sweet pea seeds, although it seems a bit late. Amazing how satisfying this little action was! I soaked them in warm water first and am hoping for the best.

I've started a gardening diary, too, recording what I planted when, how long seeds took to germinate, the proper names of plants, etc. I had a great time last evening and wrote three pages!

The only blot on the horizin is that the conservatory windowsills are full of plants and there's lots more to pot up!

Forgive my dopiness, but what's a slash and burn across the road, MMP?

Tina Hakuro Nishiki is lovely plant.
They will grow very well in in containers but better in the ground
Right now....Mine done couple weeks back....I prune off all dead wood back to pair buds on every shoot, feed and mulch. They won't look too good right now but soon leaf up
Oh, Tina, it shouldn't be hard job to get it planted. Don't disrupt rootball too much but make sure it's not root bound. Can someone do it for you? Get something decent in the hole too. Nice with blue or pink geranium under it

GG, my Father-in-Law's house is across the road and down a little bit from our current house.  Unfortunately we lost him in 2003, around about the same time my ME/CFS started (We think the two are linked, as I was working in London at the time, it was very stressful), and because I've been poorly, the garden over there is COVERED in brambles, stinging nettles and bindweed.  Upto November I'd done about a third of chopping down the top growth, stuffing the green shoots into the green bin, and feeding the dead shoots into my dustbin burner (another Aldi bargain from last year).  So it's an ongoing project, to firstly clear the garden of the growth coming out of the ground, and dig it over (it has to be bit by bit, it would probably kill me to do it all in one go).

OH would be quite happy to concrete it over and cover it in old cars.  I've told him if he doesn't shift the sierra and mk2 escort, and the bits of car he was cutting up, I'll be ringing the gypsies to take it all away.  And they wouldn't stop with those, they'd take the blooming lot, including his pride & joy, an RS2000 Escort.

So, GG, and anyone else who has experience in 'persuading' blokes, how do I convince him that he really, really wants to look after a very bright 4 year old (Dread sentences that begin with 'Mummy, why....', and a little one that is fast becoming the poster girl for Terrible Twos.  Bearing in mind 4 year old will have been away from school for 2 weeks and is starting to get a bit hyper......

Really want to go and test those gloves, to see if they really are as good as everyone says they are.


Verdun, it was situate right outside my kitchen window, but the canopy got so big, I decided, in my stupid infinite wisdom, to get son to move it further down the garden.  Not until it was too late did I realise I had put it right where there is a wind tunnel.  It spoilt it so, like you, I have cut it right back but would like to get it in the ground.  I think it's a beautiful little tree and would hate to lose it. I think it is already root bound. What will happen?

Crickey, MMP, around here, they would have already gone. If I lived near you, I'd look after them.  You won't mind if I tie them to their chairs will you?