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Brumbull, that should go on your compost heap.  Tina, have thought of tying them to chairs, but I'd have to catch them first!  I am enjoying them whilst they are young, though, when they don't even think where they are before they give you a big hug and kiss - school, middle of tescos, garden. 

Super.  Little one has decided she doesn't like creme egg.  Halfway through one.  Now, where's Daddy hiding so I can have words.  He can clean the creme egg off his side of the sofa.

By the way, the cars were hiding in the brambles.  Am expecting to come a cross a sabre-toothed tiger or velocoraptor any day now.

Brumbull wrote (see)

Got NO ose but might have some 'pee's' 

GG-you won't regret it! first lot I sowed came up in a week and 2nd lot were sown on Tuesday and are starting to sprout. They will soon romp away when they get outside with a bit of heat and rain. I know what you mean about the window sills though! 

MMP - take care with the 'burning' (I love a good burning!) It's soul destroying work. Have you tried one of those flame burning wand thingies? I considered getting one at last house to tackle a similar piece of ground, which was semi wild anyway, but it was infested by willow herb  nettles and thistles. We used weedkiller and strimmer etc in the end.

Gardening Grandma

MMP, your stamina and positive attitude never cease to amaze me. For OH, you have two paths open to you - the guilt trip or the positive incentive. Only you can say which would work better!

Fairy, got one of the weed wand efforts, daren't use it, I would set fire to my garden, any old cars that are hiding in it (OH is after some of the bits and will ebay other bits and then weigh what's left in), Two old sheds crammed full of bits of fiesta/escort, next doors shed, next door other sides shed and garage, and both fences.  It's THAT full of the dratted things, you'd probably see the flames from where you are!  I have a dustbin burner thingy, complete with lid, so start the fire using old sugar bags, and start feeding the dry bits in through the lid.  My father was a fireman, so would be very embarrassed to get the fire brigade out


Tina, another quick move in short time!
This is one of those plants that I often change my mind about...viz., where it should be to look its very best.
Ok....plant where you think it should be. Get decent hole dug first so plant is out and then in again ASAP. ,loosen roots a tad but try and keep rootball intact. Does it need to have a stake?
I try to keep,tight round head so I prune in way I've already said, always to double buds
It's pretty good time of the year to move it but no later
good luck tina
Verdun wrote (see)
Bob, sorry to admit I know little about those fruits
Wine berry, jostaberry, lingonberry or Worcesterberry
How do you rate them? How do they compare with "usual" fruit like gooseberries, raspberries, etc?
Like Fairygirl, can you educate us a little please?

Hi all, those are all new to me, too.  I've already got quite a few fruit plants (including gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, chokeberries, bilberries, strawberries, apples, plums, pears and a peach) so decided to go for something unusual and hope that when the birds stuff themselves silly (as per usual), they still leave some for me!
Japanese wineberry is a bit like a raspberry but has decorative hairy red stems.  Apparently, the fruit is at its best sprinkled with red wine - looking forward to confirming that -probably several times, just to be sure!  Jostaberry is purported to be a cross between a gooseberry and a blackcurrant, as is the worcesterberry.. but different (jostaberry is thornless.)  Lingonberries (aka cowberries) are evergreen and are supposed to taste a bit like cranberries.  They need acid soil but are not as fussy as cranberries.  They are widely grown in the nordic countries and northern eurasia.  Very hardy. The lingonberry will be grown in a large pot so I can keep the soil acid, but the rest will go into the fruit patch when they've grown a bit.



Thanks Verdun. Need to find a more sheltered spot. Not had it staked so far so probably do without it.  Weather permitting, will try to get son to try and get it out of pot in the next couple of days. If not, then I'm stuck for a while.  Never mind.


Thanks bob. Lot confusion about these fruit hybrids now. Was tempted by jostaberry myself. If just one to chose which would you suggest ?

Not been on these boards for nearly a week as I had to have my lovely Phoebe put to sleep on Friday,  she was nearly 16 and had a heart murmur and a chest infection hadn't eaten anything for 36 hours so made the decision to ease her suffering so as you can imagine I've been out of sorts big seeing this post I thought it would give me a break and some light reading  and I'm liking it very much,  well thought of MMP keep it going  



Verdun, I think I'd go for the worcesterberry given a choice of that and the jostaberry, unless you have masses of space.  The jostaberry is apparently extremely vigourous and can grow to be huge - twice the size or more of a blackcurrent and looking at my young plants I can see that is very likely the case.  Having said that, I'm looking forward to picking the thornless jostaberry without being torn to shreds!


Oh, rain, I feel for you.  Had to have my beloved Bracken PTS around this time last year.

It's hard, but you did the last service you can do for a beloved pet, ended her suffering.  I'm sure she's bounding about chasing heavenly rabbits.  I've kept my pets' ashes, and when I die, I want to be scattered alongside them.

MOB rants is another thread that makes me smile, it's funny what gets some people going.  Don't get me started on the misuse of the apostrophe.  You'll never shut me up!

Sending you a big internet hug(nearest smiley I could find)

Gardening Grandma

My sympathies, too, Rain.   So sad when a beloved pet comes to the end of its days. Will you get another one? If it is possible, I always think it is the best way to acknowledge the value of having a  pet. Not always possible, I know.

Bob, thanks, will check them out and get one.
Rain, that's so sad about phoebe..16 years is long time.
I have Labrador 10 years old and it will very sad day when his time comes. Mummy muddy paws got lot happening there

Bob-many thanks- very interesting. I'm trying to imagine a cross between gooseberry and blackcurrant but failing miserably! The lingonberry sounds good as I like cranberries and I do buy Lingonberry jam from a well known 'Swedish outlet' (!)  Last week we got a bottle of juice for diluting which was good and I was discussing with my daughter about the similarity to cranberries so perhaps we could give them a try. 


Gardening Grandma

Still on the subject of pets, we have a rescue centre not too far from here called Many Tears. It has lots of dogs with tragic stories, as well as ex-breeding dogs. I read their website regularly and wish I could take one of them (my older dog is a rehomed one, but I got her from another family). If anything happened to one of my dogs, I'd get one.

I am getting obsessed with hellebores, Verdun. Have just bought the Wisley guide to them (second hand on Amazon) and am researching how to collect seed. I already have about sixteen, including some lovely doubles (not bee friendly, I know) and have lots of ideas for more planting places.


GG we're all getting helluva hooked on the hellebores!

Gardening grandma, you may get special one amongst your seedling hellebores. They certainly are addictive. As Fairygirl says ."helluva hooked". Ha ha
Gardening Grandma

Will they also grow frm cuttings? I'm dyng to start taking cuttings, but it is too early in the year for most things.


Hi GG,  as to whether I get another dog I'm saying no at the moment,  how I will feel a few months down the line might be a different thing,  I still have my cat although he will be 17 in August.

I've just got some hellebore's as well as I became hooked on them after seeing the lovely pictures of them on the boards I got 2 in a plant sale at my local B+M £2.99 both are Niger but I think someone said to try the Orientals type so that will be my next job,  I have £7.00 worth of seed in the GH at the moment but the instructions say it could take upto a year for them to strike so maybe this time next year I might have some more 

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